Ciara Brady Raped On ‘Days of Our Lives’: Vivian Jovanni Talks About Shocking ‘DOOL’ Scene

Ciara Brady raped on Days of Our Lives Vivian Jovanni Talks About Shocking DOOL Scene

Days of Our Lives fans were shocked by Wednesday’s episode of the NBC soap opera. Hope’s daughter, Ciara Brady, was sexually assaulted by Chase Jennings. Everyone knew that Chase had feelings for Ciara. Viewers also realized that he had a lot of psychological problems, especially concerning his dead father, Aiden Jennings. However, people did not expect Chase to rape Ciara on DOOL. Many said it was just a rumor, but unless Ciara can get Chase off of her or somebody walks in, it looks like the teen girl will be violated by her stepbrother this week. Actress Vivian Jovanni spoke about Ciara’s sexual assault storyline. She also discussed how she and actor Jonathon McClendon prepared for Ciara’s rape scene on Days of Our Lives.

On the February 17 episode of Days of Our Lives, Chase Jennings and Ciara Brady sat down and talked. He told Ciara that he loved her and began to kiss her. Hope Brady’s daughter told him to stop. Instead of backing off, Chase ended up on top of the teenage girl, used his hand to cover Ciara’s mouth and insisted that she wanted it as much as he did.

Even though Days of Our Lives is fiction, the storyline has people talking about sexual assault. According to rape statistics provided by RAINN, 47 percent of victims are violated by a friend or acquaintance. 68 percent of sexual assaults are never reported to police and a disturbing 98 percent of rapists never spend a day behind bars.

On the next episodes of Days of Our Lives, will the sexual assault be stopped before it is too late? Will Ciara Brady report the crime? Under normal circumstances, she might. However, Ciara has been keeping a lot of things to herself. After Bo Brady’s death, the murders and being accused of killing Dr. Malcolm, Hope Brady is overwhelmed and completely stressed out. Ciara knows the pressure her mother is under. As she told Theo the other day, her mother doesn’t need to worry about anything else. It is possible that Ciara will keep the sexual assault to herself. However, it will come out eventually, as secrets always do on soap operas.

Many actors don’t know the storylines until they are handed a script. With Vivian Jovanni, she knew about Ciara Brady’s rape scene ahead of time. Even though the actress was nervous about it, she was also appreciative of the opportunity. Jovanni said that Ciara’s sexual assault on Days of our Lives is a “complex and layered storyline.” Vivian also revealed how she and Jonathan prepared for the scene.

“We wanted the scene to be as realistic and spontaneous as possible. After they told us, we definitely got a lot closer,” Vivian Jovanni told Soap Opera Digest. “There wasn’t much dialogue to go over, so we didn’t really go over the script that much; we just talked about the emotional tone of the scene a lot more than anything.”

After Ciara Brady’s rape scene on Days of Our Lives was filmed, what were Vivian’s thoughts? Jovanni revealed that it had an effect on her.

“Playing emotional material like this has opened my eyes as an actor, because I never expected that scene to get as real as it did for me,” Vivian said about the rape scene. “Material like this is what helps you grow as an actor and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

With Hope going through her own personal hell and Andre DiMera’s quest to destroy her, will Ciara tell her mother what happened? Or will Hope Brady’s daughter keep Chase’s actions and the sexual assault a secret?

What do you think of the DOOL storyline? Did the soap opera go too far with Chase Jennings raping Ciara Brady on Days of Our Lives?

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Days Of Our Lives]