Thanks To Radio Flyer, There Is A Tesla Model S Just For Kids

Now there is a Tesla Model S just for kids.

Coming this spring, in May to be exact, there will be a Tesla Model S just for kids. That’s right! Elon Musk has partnered up with Radio Flyer, the maker of the little red wagon for kids, to make a Tesla Model S just for your little ones. Now, your kids can drive around the block in style.

According to Pocket-Lint, this car comes loaded with many features for your children to enjoy. It comes with headlamps, a Flight-speed lithium ion battery to give your kid speeds of either three miles-per-hour or as fast as six miles-per-hour, depending on which of the two models you decide to purchase for your child, a sound system for them to rock out with while driving their new Tesla Model S just for them, and the same paint job as the adult version of the Tesla Model S.

Although this car doesn’t self-drive or come to your kid when he or she summons it, it still looks like something they will very much enjoy. If you are interested in buying it for your child, you can pre-order here. You can also look on the same website, the Radio Flyer website, to see all of the features it comes with. It even comes with a Frunk for your kids, which is just a front trunk.

If you were thinking of letting your child buy it for themselves with their weekly or monthly allowance, this might not be possible, according to ABC News. This is because it comes just as expensive, to your kids anyway, as is the real, adult version of the Tesla Model S. The price tag is a hefty one at $500 per car. But if you still want your kid to buy it for themselves, they might want to save up for it for a little while.

Speaking of the powerful lithium ion battery for it, you can also buy another one that is even more powerful, the premium kind, for an extra $60. Not only this, but also according to ABC News, if you want to keep your kids from going too fast for them at the maximum speed of six miles-per-hour, this neat little car comes with parental controls that allow you to keep it at just three miles-per-hour so they won’t be able to zoom off and away from you.

Although this car looks just like the real thing for the adults, it comes with a much bigger steering wheel for kids. It also comes with the roof ripped off of it for the kids to be able to get into it. This little Tesla car for kids also comes with a nifty car cover to ensure nothing gets on the car when your child has it parked outside, according to the Nerdist. The sound system that comes with it is really an input for a music player so they can listen to their favorite music when driving it. A lot of features to make the other kids around the neighborhood really jealous of your child and wanting one for themselves. Having this car will also make your kid the coolest kid in the neighborhood, which in turn, if you buy one for them of course, will make you the coolest parent in the neighborhood. Therefore making you all happy all around.

Elon Musk has partnered up with Radio Flyer to make a Tesla Model S for kids.

Yeah, your child will be happy if you buy this for them. They might want to take you for a ride but, unfortunately, you won’t be able to fit into it so they should just stick with taking their friends for a ride instead.

Not only can you check out the pictures of the car and the pictures of the features it comes with and pre-order it, at the website above, but you can check out the video below for the trailer of this awesome toy car.

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