Man Beats Girlfriend With Her Dead Dog

Sandy Springs, Georgia — In what police are considering one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen, a man has been arrested and accused of killing his girlfriend’s Pomeranian dog and beating her with the animal’s dead body.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Captain Steve Rose, who is a spokesman for the Sandy Springs Police Department, stated of the incident that:

“It is probably one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that we’ve ever seen.”

Rose informed the press that Emmanuel Alfredo Tadeo, 27, was arrested on May 20 following calls that he was allegedly beating his girlfriend, Andrea Jill Armintrout, after he began drinking heavily. Rose explained that the “argument started over him blaming his wife for his misfortunes in life.”

The Examiner reports that Rose went on to explain:

“He blamed her for his messed up life. He went to the kitchen to get another shot. She followed in an attempt to stop him. He then grabbed her and then hit her several times in the face.”

Tadeo then went into the couples’ dining room and found Armintrout’s dog hiding under the table. Rose stated:

“He kicked and stomped the dog and then told her to get the dog. She picked the dog up and as she did, he grabbed the dog by the back legs and hit her with the dog.”

Man Beats Girlfriend With Pomeranian

The Pomeranian was still alive until Tadeo walked outside and snapped its neck. Then he allegedly told her, “See, the dog is dead.” Rose stated, “It was a very graphic scene. The dog was dead. The man had not only kicked the dog and stomped on the dog, according to what he said, [he] snapped the dog’s neck.”

Tadeo then began hitting his girlfriend with the dog’s corpse. She eventually escaped, contacted a neighbor, and had her boyfriend arrested. He was initially charged with battery and misdemeanor cruelty to animals and was released on June 14th after posting a $5,000 bond, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jail records show, however, that prosecutors have upgraded those charges to aggravated battery, battery, and two counts of cruelty to animals. He was re-arrested last Friday and is currently being held without bond. And his girlfriend, Armintrout, was also arrested on Friday for obstruction of justice and was being held on a $500 bond as of Wednesday.

The Daily Mail reports that Captain Rose went on to say of the crime that:

“This kinda tops the chart as to how disturbing it was….The animal was a small animal, totally defenceless, it’s just a very, very cruel act. This just shows how savage this person is towards every living thing.”

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