Casey Anthony Pregnant After Death Of Daughter Caylee?

Casey Anthony pregnant again after death of daughter Caylee Anthony?

Is Casey Anthony pregnant again after the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony? A new report suggests that Casey, who was acquitted for the murder of little Caylee, is expecting another child soon.

According to Hollywood Life, Casey Anthony is pregnant with her second child and couldn’t be more excited about being a mother again. Casey, now 29, captured national headlines when her daughter, Caylee Anthony, 2, was reported missing.

Casey claimed that a babysitter had taken Caylee and that she had been trying, on her own, to find her daughter before telling her parents about the situation. It was Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, who then called the police and informed them of the missing toddler.

Casey Anthony leaving prison after being found not guilty of murdering daughter Caylee Anthony.
After weeks and weeks of searching for little Caylee Anthony and countless stories about her whereabouts from mom Casey Anthony, Caylee’s remains were found in a woods near George and Cindy’s home. By this time Casey Anthony was already behind bars; she was later charged with the murder of her daughter. The trial became one of the most talked about in recent history and ended with Casey being found not guilty of murdering her daughter, although evidence suggested that Casey did have something to do with the death and/or is covering it up.

Now, Casey Anthony may be expecting another child five years after being set free from prison. “She’s telling friends her wish has come true and she’s pregnant. She believes she has a bright future and can be a good mom,” a source tells In Touch Magazine.

It seems like history is repeating itself a bit as Casey Anthony allegedly refuses to tell friends and family who the father of her unborn child is, much like she didn’t discuss who Caylee Anthony’s father was. “It’s the same old Casey,” an insider says.

Casey is reportedly also getting back in to the party scene, which she seemed to be heavily into at the time of Caylee’s death. The 29-year-old is allegedly hitting up the local bars in West Palm Beach where she’s been living.

Now that the nightmare of her trial is behind her and she’s been living on her own for a few years, Casey Anthony is said to be moving on with her life. “She’s been seeing a guy she met on the club scene, and now she believes he got her pregnant. She’s excited. She believes that having a new baby would make her life perfect. She thinks she has a new, free life with a wonderful future.”

Caylee Anthony memorial site.
As for what Casey Anthony has been doing with her life in recent months, it was reportedly that the “tot mom” has started a brand new career and has been working as a photographer. Casey has even started her very own business which she’s named Case Photography, LLC, even paying the fees to file the appropriate documents to name her new venture.

It seems that only time will tell if Casey Anthony really is pregnant or not, but if the news turns out to be true and she’s spotted out and about with a baby bump, people will likely go crazy over the fact that Casey will be a mom again after failing to keep her daughter Caylee Anthony safe from harm. As many who watched the trial may remember, Casey’s attorney claimed that while Casey did not kill Caylee, the toddler wandered out of her parents home and into the swimming pool where she drowned to death.

Rumors about Casey doing an interview or writing a tell-all book have surfaced, but nothing has ever been set in stone.

What are your thoughts on the report that Casey Anthony is pregnant again?

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