Four Mt. Rainier High School Football Players Gang-Raped Girls During Field Trip

mt. rainier high school gang rape

Four high school football players have been accused of gang-raping two 15-year-old girls on a school trip. The Mt. Rainier athletes from the Seattle area were arrested on rape charges after allegedly plying the girls with alcohol and taking them back to their hotel rooms.

The four Mount Rainier High School football players were charged by King County prosecutors earlier this week. The names of the two 18-year-old men accused of gang rape were released to the public. Both Keegan Tarbochia (who also goes by Keegan Piper) and Donnie Ray Moore allegedly gave the teen girls “large shots” of either whiskey or vodka the night of the alleged sexual assault.

Exactly how they got the booze on the school trip, or where the chaperones were while the six teenagers were partying in the hotel room before the alleged gang rape, remains unknown. Mt. Rainier High School is located in Des Moines, Washington, KOMO News reports.

The four football players and the other students were on a three-day school field trip for a DECA conference in Seattle. The students were staying at the local Sheraton hotel during the chaperoned outing. After kicking back the shots of whiskey or vodka, the two 15-year-old girls said they felt “totally out of it” and were having difficulty standing up. The student athletes allegedly told them to lie down on a bed until they felt better.

One of the teen girls said she fell asleep, and when she awoke later, one of the football players was on top of her kissing her face. The girl told police investigators that she told the football player to stop what he was doing, but then fell back to sleep.

When the same alleged gang rape victim woke up again later, a different boy was on top of her and putting his hands down her pants. She said that when she told him to stop touching her, the pleas were ignored.

A third football player allegedly came to the bed at a different time and pulled off her jeans and carried her to the other bed in the Seattle hotel room. Although the 15-year-old girl was “half asleep” during the entire incident, she said she was fully aware that each of the four Mt. Rainier football players took turns raping her.

The unidentified teenager told police officers that each of the athletes “cycled through” her multiple times. She also claimed that she was a virgin and cried due to the pain during the forced sex.

The second alleged gang rape victim told police detectives that when one of the football players told her to take off her pants, she did – but added that she was “in denial” when she quietly went along with what she was being told to do.

The girl said that she felt like she must go along with what the football players told her to do “because they were older,” and she believed they would have sex with her even if she protested. She too claimed to have fallen asleep and can only remember “bits and pieces” of the night the alleged rapes occurred.

The 15-year-old girls allegedly spent the entire night in the boys’ hotel room. They said the athletes “escorted” them back to their room early the next morning and told them not to say a word about what had happened, the Seattle Times reports. It is not known when or if the Mount Rainier High School field trip chaperones did bed checks or how many adults were assigned to the trip.

The gang rapes allegedly occurred on the final night of the trip. Once they were back home, the girls told their families about what they say happened in the hotel room. The teens were taken to Highline Hospital, where rape kits were administered.

The four football players reportedly gave police officers conflicting stories about what happened inside the hotel room. Once of the rape suspects said he had consensual sex with just one of the girls. Another suspect denied having sex with either girl but later reportedly admitted to having consensual sex with one of the teens. At least one of the other suspects said all four of the football players engaged in sexual activities of some type that evening.

All four of the Mt. Rainier High School football players are scheduled for arraignment on gang-rape-related charges on February 24.

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