Katy Perry Accused Of Being A ‘Bully’ By Singer Ryn Weaver

Katy Perry

Maybe there was some truth to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood,” after all. Katy Perry is being accused of being a bully by singer Ryn Weaver. There’s nothing like hot-button issues such as politics to rub someone the wrong way.

It all started when the singer took to Twitter to blast Katy Perry’s support of presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. She also claimed that the pop star is lying like Clinton, and she is being paid by the Clinton campaign. In her series of tweets, Weaver also accused Perry of being a bully towards her.

“No offense @katyperry but considering how much of a bully you were to me…I hope u don’t mind my mindful disagreement w ur $$ endorsement,” she wrote.

Weaver has since deleted most of her tweets describing the alleged incident that took place at Coachella. Gigwise provided a summary.

“Anytime I spoke she started turning her head around pretending she heard something, then said ‘dos [sic] u heard something?’ While staring at me..Anytime I spoke..After we were already friends..Did this the entire night…Then came w us to drake and stared at me the WHOLE SHOW..Then anytime I caught her eye out of my periphery she proceeded to alert her entire posse saying ‘that ryn weaver girl is soooo obsessed with me.'”

Katy’s fans weren’t too happy about the story she shared about her unpleasant experience with the singer. Ryn claims that her story is true, but she has since deleted the majority of her tweets since Katy Cats came after her on Twitter.

Ryn Weaver

Katy Perry hasn’t responded to the allegations that she bullied Ryn Weaver at Coachella. But this story sounds similar to what Taylor Swift revealed in her 2014 Rolling Stone cover story when she described her then-new track “Bad Blood” off her new album.

“For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'”

Swift then claimed that Perry “sabotaged” her “Red World Tour” by stealing some of Swift’s backup dancers for her upcoming “Prismatic World Tour.” There were also rumors that Perry has penned the unreleased song “She’s So Creepy,” which is said to be about Swift. After Swift’s Rolling Stone cover story was published, Perry tweeted this cryptic message.

These days, it seems like Katy Perry has backed off from social media feuds.

The New York Times recently asked the singer, “Do you ever have to hold yourself back on Twitter?”

Katy simply responded, “I do this thing where I just save as draft. Save as draft and sleep — and then wake up and go, ‘Nah.’ It’s not worth it, you know? Or I just book my therapist.”

Katy Perry

Not only does she avoid social media stress, but she also relies on meditation to cool her down when life gets rough. Perry also revealed that she does Transcendental Meditation to help her stay centered despite all of the drama that’s going on in her life. According to PopSugar, this form of meditation allows your body to stay centered and relaxed with minimal effort.

The “Dark Horse” singer is a busy woman. She’s working on her upcoming album, which is rumored for release in 2017. That’s because Katy recently revealed that she’s only in the “research and development phase.”

Meanwhile, Perry has been spotted all over Los Angeles with actor Orlando Bloom. The rumored new couple were first spotted getting cozy at a Golden Globes after-party. Since then, they have been seen attending several events together, although no other photos of them together have been released.

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