‘Alaskan Bush People’ Goes Viral — But Not For Reason You Think

This Alaskan Bush People production assistant was more known for his work behind the camera than in front of it. That’s all changing — thanks to a crazy viral video he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

An Alaskan named Justin Hoyt had the unusual idea of filming a series of dance videos centered around music by none other than R&B recording artist Alicia Keys.

He told the Alaskan Dispatch News, “I don’t really know what inspired me. I have been fixing on doing a series of dance videos to Alicia Keys’ music because I’ve been getting really pumped on her stuff lately.”

Then, shortly after the Super Bowl, Hoyt revealed that “suddenly all the pieces fell into place.” Together with friends Alex Terrazas, Richard Priest II, and Donnie Sanderes (the stone-faced gentleman holding the boombox), Justin was able to make his “dream a reality.”


A native of Ketchikan, Alaska — a location not unfamiliar to Alaskan Bush People fans — the production assistant and his posse filmed a clip of him dancing on a dock in the small town of Hoonah. The music kicked in, and then Justin Hoyt showed us his best moves.

Bless his heart, the dance moves aren’t necessarily Gene Kelly-esque. However, the noted jokester’s enthusiasm is easily contagious. Also, it’s pretty clear the video isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and it was all done in good fun. Awkward dance moves aren’t the only thing this bearded Alaskan had to show off.

If you keep watching, you’ll see the former Alaskan Bush People production assistant bust out a bunch of sweet moves — and then bust his rump. Things are going great for Hoyt at first. He does pause briefly at about the minute mark because when you dance with that kind of enthusiasm, breathers are needed.

But then he’s right back into it.

One can’t help but start to mildly panic for the enthusiast dancer as he gives it his all, thrashing and kicking across a surface that is covering slush and snow. As we all know, these type of surfaces can be very slippery even when all you want to do is put one foot in front of the other.

Dance like a maniac on a wet, icy surface and sometimes things just don’t go well.

Image via Justin Hoyt


Making matters even more hilarious, right after the unplanned fall, the video switched to a camera across the water from the dock, filming Justin laying there. He then struggles to his feet slowly as the Alicia Keys song blares in the background. Nobody even tried to help him up. Poor Justin!

To his credit, Hoyt is undeterred. He eventually finds himself back on his feet — but not before one last slip — and then he gives it his all. The dancer does have to stop a couple of times due to obvious pain, but he’s clearly determined to make his point. I’m sure Keys would be proud.

The quirky bit of performance art was shared with the internet and, as of now, has garnered nearly 200,000 views.


According to the Daily Mail, aside from work on Alaskan Bush People, Justin Hoyt is credited as “the writer and director of a short film.” He also has a YouTube to which he regularly uploads. If the production assistant is interested in shooting a new video set to Alicia Keys, maybe he could play it safe and go with “Fallin’.”

All jokes aside, it’s good to note that the video’s star took the entire escapade in stride and decided to share this hilarious video with the internet. The discussion around Alaskan Bush People as a show and the people connected with it is often serious and rather critical.

At least with this, we get a break from all of that courtesy of a surprise viral video.

[Image via Justin Lawrence Hoyt, Discovery Channel Official YouTube]