Is ‘Scandal’ Olivia Pope Throwing Out Her White Hat For A Red Trench Coat?

Scandal Olivia Pope no white hat

When fans first met Olivia Pope and company on Scandal, it was all about white hats, and seeking the light. It was all good versus evil, with Olivia Pope decked out in white. Crisp whites, winter white, and always looking like she was rising above the down and dirty Washington politics. But life is changing for Olivia Pope and the crew, as the gray area is changing, and the fashion choices for Olivia are stepping out into big, bold color.

According to the Inquisitr, Olivia Pope was this close on Scandal to becoming the new First Lady of the United States. President Fitzgerald Grant finally dumped Mellie Grant, and was trying to make a new life with his mistress. But Olivia finally decides that she doesn’t want to be a bird in a cage, even if it’s a gilded cage, because that just isn’t who she is. So now, on the outside of the sphere of power, Olivia Pope will have to reinvent herself or finally be happy as an outsider. And powerless and Scandal‘s Olivia Pope are not a good match. Vermont will have to wait, and Abby is the new work wife.

So the Washington Post is saying that the world is no longer black and white, because for Olivia Pope, it’s fire engine red. But some things will never change. No matter how successful Olivia Pope and Associates is or isn’t, she is going high end, and not exactly shopping at Target. The red leather trench she is wearing in promo shots is a $6k Derek Lam coat that is flying off the shelves. It’s a statement coat, and Olivia Pope is making a statement.

“She’s deciding that she’s stronger on her own and she’s determined to be on her own,” Lyn Paolo, a costume designer for the show, tells Washington Post. “I think in turning away from Fitz, she’s proving that she’s powerful enough to do things on her own.”

And color palettes will change for everyone, including the men. The colors will be nuanced, and there is no more black and white. This will include new employee Marcus Walker.

“We’re being a bit more nuanced about his look. We’re staying in the earth tones because it’s a bit muddy who he is,” Paolo says.

InStyle is saying that color will be the word of the day for the second part of the Scandal season, as Olivia is making a new statement: I’m not an angel, I’m not a devil, I am Olivia Pope. There will be clean lines and statement clothing.

“The rest of this season is about Olivia being stronger than ever before,” Paolo tells InStyle. “She’s fiercely independent and ever so slightly dangerous. She decided that she’s going to present herself to the world as a different person. She’s reinventing herself. We’re trying to express that through how she looks. Because of that, we wanted her in exceptionally bright colors.”

And wait to see Olivia Pope’s palette moving into citrus shades of yellow, orange, and of course, red.

That dress is the very first time we see Olivia in color, so we wanted it to be really bright,” Paolo says. “When she takes off her coat, it’s so startling because you’ve just never seen her in this kind of color before. We did it purposely for shock value.”

And as an added bonus, Olivia Pope’s wardrobe will say Michelle Obama far more than it ever says Mellie Grant. Olivia Pope will not be the new First Lady at this time, but she sure might look like it.

What do you think of Olivia Pope’s new look on Scandal?

[Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]