Alleged Red Lobster Team Ultimately Shames Beyoncé Critic

First, the Beyoncé protest was a flop. Now, a Beyoncé critic addressed Red Lobster’s official Facebook page for not speaking against Queen Bey. Well, the “Red Lobster Team” responded, and it was nothing close to the critic’s expectations.

According to a Facebook post uploaded by Timothy Jones, the alleged Beyoncé critic is named “Johnny.” For privacy purpose, his last name is possibly “whited out.” However, in the supposed post, Johnny approached Red Lobster as follows.

“I find Beyonce’s song very distasteful, if you are going to condone and praise her for her referring to taking her boyfriend to Red Lobster after he ‘F@@ked her real good’, I don’t think I’ll be taking my family to your restaurant ever again!”

Do you really think Red Lobster has a problem with Beyoncé’s lyrics, in saying that the restaurant is her preference of reward? It’s highly improbable. According to CNBC, since Beyoncé released “Formation” — which includes the aforementioned lyrical reference to the restaurant — the company has actually seen a significant spike in business. As reports the source, over the weekend, the Beyoncé, hat-tipped restaurant saw increased customer influx of 33 percent.

However, to digress — in response to the Beyoncé critic — an alleged Red Lobster Team replied to the disgruntled customer, as follows.

“We are very sorry that you found Beyonce’s song about rewarding her husband for giving her good sex distasteful, and we hope you aren’t a one-sided partner that never gives their spouse anything in return. To make it up to you, we’d like to offer your spouse a gift card to Red Lobster to enjoy all by themselves, or with someone who cares about their needs more than you do. We hope this helps! Thank you and we hope to see your spouse soon.”

If that’s not enough of a clapback towards the Beyoncé critic, Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup told CNBC that he was grateful for Queen Bey’s lyrical plug for the restaurant. According to the source, he was “absolutely delighted.” Likewise, Lopdrup mentioned that it’s apparent that Beyoncé helped to create new Red Lobster fans. And for that, the CEO is thankful.

The news source also noted that, during this time of year, the restaurant chain usually sees a spike in consumer sales. However, the CEO attributes this particular influx to Queen Bey as the “Beyoncé Bounce.”

The restaurant has also renamed some of its signature entrees in favor of the affluent musical artist. The source notes that the Cheddar Bay Biscuits are, now, the Cheddar “Bey” Biscuits. As well, the Bay Breeze is renamed as the “Bey” Breeze.

It seems that several Beyonce antagonists are attempting to find any method to come against the musical artist. In recent reports, the failed anti-Beyoncé protest turned into an “anti-anti” protest — as reports New York Magazine — The Cut.

Alleged Red Lobster Team Ultimately Shames Beyonce Critic - Beyonce Support The anti-Beyoncé protest turned into a protest against the protest. [Image via Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment]In a similar antagonistic approach, Billboard mentioned that a local Tennessee sheriff blamed Beyoncé for gunshots being fired in close proximity to his home. That’s a typical hazard of all law enforcement personnel, no?

From a simple browser search of “shots near police officer’s house,” you would see countless stories about officers dealing with similar issues — along with other issues such as officers shooting wrong families, officers breaking into wrong residences, policemen shooting other officers in friendly fire during home invasions, etc.

Is it really logical to say that Beyoncé is responsible for gunshots near this particular Tennessee sheriff’s home? Does Beyoncé reside in Tennessee? Wasn’t the anti-Beyoncé protest in New York City and not Tennessee?

All in all, there aren’t as many people on the “I dislike Beyoncé” bandwagon as some media centers are attempting to paint for the public. If anything, many are more pro-Beyoncé nowadays. Red Lobster is a perfect example, no? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment]