Pope Francis Loses His Temper In Mexico After He Is Pulled Over, Nearly Falls On Top Of Disabled Follower

Pope Francis Loses His Temper In Mexico After He Is Pulled Over And Nearly Fell On Top Of Disabled Follower

Pope Francis, who has always shown to be calm and understanding with his sometimes overeager followers, lost his cool when an over-excited young follower grabbed at his sleeves and nearly pulled him directly on top of a young disabled boy in a wheelchair.

After a morning that included dancers and singers upon his arrival in Morelia, Mexico, this morning, Pope Francis made his way to greet the waiting throngs of faithful Catholic followers. While walking the street waving and greeting those excited to see him, Pope Francis was reportedly pulled by the neck when he stopped to greet a young girl. As the pope continued his walk, he was repeatedly pulled on again, this time, a quite forceful tug on his sleeves caused the pope to lose his balance and nearly fall on top of a young boy in a wheelchair. Pope Francis’ chest was reportedly pushed up against the young boy’s face before his security detail could grab a hold of him and set him back upright. The pope then kissed the young boy on the forehead.

According to Global News, what followed was the first time the pope has publicly lost his temper since becoming the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis threw one hand up, while the other still held onto the hand of a worshipper, and loudly admonished those who were tugging on him, telling them, “Don’t be selfish! Don’t be selfish!” The pope then took a few steps backwards and addressed his security guards as an announcement came over the loudspeaker, asking those gathered to be careful.

“We are asking you to be careful. Please contain yourself. Pope Francis wants to greet us, but if we pile up, it will be difficult to do so. Be patient, be calm, he will come to you.”

Despite his quick burst of anger, Pope Francis took special care to address the country’s youth, who he says are often seduced by the lure of easy money found by working in the drug trade. He urged the tens of thousands of young people gathered to hear him to have hope and to value themselves by resisting the lure to quick money through dangerous means.

“I understand that often it is difficult to feel your value when you are continually exposed to the loss of friends or relatives at the hands of the drug trade, of drugs themselves, of criminal organizations that sow terror.

“It is hard to feel the wealth of a nation when there are no opportunities for dignified work, no possibilities for study or advancement, when you feel your rights are being trampled on, which then leads you to extreme situations. It is difficult to appreciate the value of a place when, because of your youth, you are used for selfish purposes, seduced by promises that end up being untrue. Nonetheless, despite all this, I will never tire of saying, You are the wealth of Mexico.”

This afternoon, Pope Francis intends to celebrate mass at the border between Mexico and the United States in what Time is calling “one of the most defining of the Pope’s six-day trip to Mexico.” The pope plans to walk to the Rio Grande in Cuidad Juarez — a city that was not long ago considered the murder capital of the world — to celebrate mass and lay flowers at the border “in remembrance of the thousands of migrants who have died in the desert on both sides of the border.”

Pope Francis will then wrap up his visit to Mexico by visiting inmates and families Ciudad Juarez prison. Prison visits are a habit of Pope Francis, which he indulges on nearly every one of his foreign trips.

[Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images]