Trayvon Martin’s Parents Reject Zimmerman’s TV Apology: It Wasn’t “God’s Plan”

In a handful of television appearances Thursday morning, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the parents of Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin, rejected George Zimmerman’s apology and insistence that Trayvon’s death was a part of “God’s plan.”

Wednesday night, George Zimmerman gave his first major media interview to Sean Hannity of Fox News, taking up the full hour of his prime-time talk show, Hannity. In the interview, Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon’s parents explicitly, but attempted to “comfort” them by suggesting that the teen’s death and the subsequent media attention surrounding the case are all a part of “God’s plan.”

“I don’t understand what God he worships? It’s not the same God I worship,” Tracy Martin said on Fox and Friends.

During the course of Zimmerman’s interview, he explained his version of events, alleging that Trayvon was darting back and forth between houses, and that Zimmerman was merely “keeping an eye on him” rather than stalking him. Rather than killing the teen in cold blood, there was a scuffle, in which Trayvon reached for Zimmerman’s gun, according to NY Daily. Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon’s parents Wednesday night, adding that he prays for them daily.

“I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what that feels like,” Zimmerman said. “I do wish there was something, anything I could have done that wouldn’t have put me in a position where I had to take his life.”

According to Trayvon’s parents, there is something he could have done. He could have stayed in his car. “He made a rush to judgment to judge Trayvon as a criminal, as suspicious,” Tracy Martin told CNN. “He got out of that car. He put Trayvon in that position.”

“He cannot … pick a fight and then say, ‘He put me in this position,’” Martin said.

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If you missed it, this is the full interview: