‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Furious With Thomas: Is He Cheating?

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis has been filming Southern Charm for two seasons, and she’s getting ready for the third season. She’s been filming quite a bit if her tweets are to be believed, and she has plenty of things to say about Thomas Ravenel. The two had little Kensington together, and it sounded like they were parting ways. But then she announced another pregnancy and gave birth to her son before Christmas last year. But that didn’t result in a happy marriage. According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Dennis recently went on a Twitter rant, and she isn’t pleased with the way Thomas is treating her or their children.

It sounds like Thomas and Kathryn didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together. Instead, he posted a picture on Instagram of himself with another woman. And of course, Dennis wasn’t happy with this post and decided to lash out at him on Twitter.

Layering up for the cold.

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“Where are u now that I need ya? And your kids need ya? Oh wait. With some hoe traveling the country. #***hole,” Kathryn Dennis tweeted on Monday night, according to the report, adding, “You can be a jerk to me…but not our babies.”

It is clear that Dennis wanted to send him a message. Many people thought that they had worked out their issues, as they had another child. Last year, Thomas was caught in another scandal, as he was caught kissing another woman. Kathryn was very upset, and they split up. Based on his post and her tweets, it sounds like he hasn’t really learned from his mistakes. No word on who the other woman is, so it is possible that Ravenel isn’t cheating. But Kathryn Dennis isn’t happy that he’s out with another woman on Valentine’s Day and that she’s forced to stay at home with the kids.

“#iknowwhereyouatdummiecough DC cough palm beach and where are your kids? With moi. Safe,” Kathryn wrote in one tweet, adding, “@Thomasravenel asked for it & he gone get it. His vday to our babies? Had his groom [the person who takes care of his horses] return [Kensie’s] high chair..on my porch..with rust/mold on it.”

I love this wittle wuv muffin!!!! She loves looking at herself in my camera! #ham #babygirl #family #love

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She also added that he doesn’t pay any child support to the couple’s two children, adding, “[H]e calls it ‘a check of goodwill.’ But he also says he’s not legally required to pay anything so he doesn’t. Anymore.” And it sounds like she’s quite upset with his behavior, because she isn’t holding back on the upcoming season of Southern Charm, sharing on Twitter, “Heller welcome to REALity. My lips aren’t sealed this year. If you thought they were before.”

But there are always two or more sides to a story, and while Thomas didn’t reply to Dennis’ tweets, he did share his thoughts with the Charlestown City Paper. He revealed that he does indeed pay child support to Kathryn and that he is often not allowed to see his children — even though there are plenty of pictures of his kids on Instagram.

Little Man ????

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“I don’t have to pay anything, but I’m paying $3,100 a month,” Ravenel told the paper this morning, adding, “I can only see my kids four days per month, and she makes all this fuss just because I put up a picture on Instagram. Here are the facts: I don’t have the right to see the kids. She won’t let me see them. I’m paying child support, even though I don’t have to. I’m not using the power of the purse. She’s using the power of the kids by not letting me see them, ruthlessly and to their detriment.”

He also points out that because they are not married, Kathryn Dennis can legally keep the children away from him. He says that she’s using this to her advantage. While little Kensington is now a toddler, their son is just turning two months. There must be a reason why Dennis is keeping the children from their father.

What do you think of this new scandal? Do you think Kathryn Dennis has a point?

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