WWE News: Wade Barrett Comments On The Report Of Him Leaving WWE

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Wade Barrett was once on top of the WWE Universe when the Nexus debuted on the main roster. A disgruntled group of NXT rookies wanted to make a statement in the WWE. As a result, they destroyed everything in sight. To this day, it’s still one of the greatest moments in Monday Night Raw history. Even those within the Internet Wrestling Community who have inside sources didn’t know that was happening.

WWE journalists knew the NXT rookies would be involved in an angle of some capacity on the main roster, but it was nothing like what actually took place. Barrett led Darren Young, Ryback, Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and David Otunga to the destruction of Cena and the WWE ring. Like it’s mentioned above, it’s a moment that will never be forgotten. It’s also the night that Bryan choked out the ring announcer, leading to his release.

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He was later hired back by WWE for the big 12-man tag match at SummerSlam. Since the Nexus angle, Wade Barrett has yet to make it back to that level of stardom. Even though he’s one of WWE’s best wrestlers and talkers, officials aren’t utilizing him correctly. For a while, the Bad News Barrett gimmick was very successful. As a heel, Barrett was getting face-like reactions from the WWE Universe. Unfortunately, his King Barrett gimmick fell flat.

That’s not to the fault of Barrett. He made do with whatever he was given. It just didn’t seem to work. Yesterday, a report came out that said Barrett was leaving the WWE after his contract expires in June. Wade Barrett saw that and commented on his status with the company this morning.

In late December, Barrett suffered a neck injury. Some thought it was a serious ailment that would keep him out of the ring a long time. While he’s still on WWE television, Barrett hasn’t wrestled in a while. Perhaps his neck injury is keeping him from competing, but he’s still on television every week with the Leauge of Nations.


If he was healthy, perhaps the future for Barrett would include a championship or at least a feud to propel him to a higher level. Mark Madden, a former WCW announcer, put things into perspective with this tweet yesterday regarding Barrett’s rumored departure.

He’s absolutely right with his sentiments about the former Intercontinental champion. Barrett had all of the tools to be a WWE World Heavyweight champion and face of the company. His size, look, mannerisms, subtle increases in charisma and wrestling skill always spoke for itself. He didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Barrett just went out there every night and did his job to near perfection. It’s very unfortunate that another WWE talent will leave the company with a lot of wasted potential. It’ll be another case of John Morrison. Barrett left the main event after his feud with Cena. He never went back. If WWE Smackdown was still relevant and the World Heavyweight title existed, Barrett would be perfect for it. That’s not bad news at all.

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