Robyn Dixon On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Drama: Is She Really Broke?

Robyn Dixon admitted to having financial problems during the first couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Dixon explained that she had divorced her husband, a former NBA player, and they were trying to figure out what they were. In addition, Robyn revealed that they had made some bad investments over the years and were looking forward to rebuilding their finances. So when Ashley Darby shared that she had Googled her co-stars, Robyn was shocked. According to a new report, Robyn Dixon is now revealing her honest thoughts when she saw the scene where Ashley accuses Robyn of having $25 in her bank account

"I'm a very direct and honest person, so when I heard that Ashley was talking about my financial issues behind my back, I immediately felt angry, annoyed, and disappointed. Filing for bankruptcy was a very serious matter and a result of a series of unfortunate events," Dixon reveals, sharing that she had indeed filed for bankruptcy.

She didn't say whether the $25 was a true statement.

"Ashley's decision to discuss my business with Katie in a very insensitive and gossipy way was extremely tacky and immature. If Ashley was so concerned about my life, I would rather she called me to address whatever it was that she felt the need to know, which ultimately was none of her damn business anyway! For someone that is so eager to fit into a tight knit circle of women, Ashley certainly is doing an awful job working her way in!" Robyn Dixon points out, revealing that she didn't feel up to making peace with her co-star after learning that she had been gossiping about her behind her back.

Ashley Darby defended her actions by saying that she had no idea who her co-stars were before filming with them. She also points out that she didn't just Google Robyn Dixon -- she searched for everyone. And she just wanted to protect herself to make sure who she was dealing with before filming The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Of course, her actions didn't sit well with anyone. Gizelle Bryant went through a drama-filled divorce thanks to her ex-husband's cheating. Karen Huger felt that the Googling showed a lack of class. Charrisse may not have been happy about it, as her marriage was slowly falling apart on screen. But Robyn Dixon reveals that Ashley's behavior and explanation just made everything worse for her.

"I can't say that Ashley's explanation for gossiping about me made sense either. She claimed that I am stand-offish and guarded so that's why she had to dig up information on me and talk about it. That sounds like total B.S. to me! And then the little girl challenges me on the nitty, gritty details of my situation. She has no clue what I have been through," Dixon explains, sharing that if Ashley had shown some compassion or come to her directly, she may have shared the personal details of the bankruptcy.

Katie Rost was the one who learned about the bankruptcy from Ashley. Even though this was news to her, she did see the Googling as an act of betrayal. According to Reality Tea, Katie has said that by digging up dirt on your co-stars and friends, you are proving that you are not a friend.

It doesn't seem like Ashley feels bad about searching for Robyn Dixon and finding details about her bankruptcy. It will be interesting to see how this friendship develops over the next few weeks.

Do you understand why Robyn Dixon is upset?

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