Florida Man Allegedly Killed Mom On Valentine's Day

A Florida man is behind bars after giving his own mother the worst Valentine's Day imaginable. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 35-year-old Pedro Mesa is accused of stabbing the woman to death on the holiday that is intended to be a celebration of love.

Mesa's neighbors alerted authorities to an altercation the man had been having with his mother. They reportedly witnessed him brutally beating the older woman in the yard in front of her home. By the time police showed up at the Florida man's home, it was too late. The alleged victim, Nancy Mesa, was lying in the front yard, and she had suffered at least one stab wound. She died en route to the hospital.

NBC News Miami reports that Nancy Mesa suffered a fatal stab wound to her chest. Horrifyingly, it's been revealed that the blade of a kitchen knife was still embedded into the wound. The blade snapped off the knife when Pedro Mesa allegedly stabbed her to death.

The Florida man was nabbed by police as he was attempting to flee the scene of the violent stabbing. Authorities noted that Mesa had possible bloodstains on him, tying him directly to the stabbing death of his mother. The violent Valentine's Day incident didn't end with the arrest of Pedro Mesa, however. Authorities have shared that the man was incredibly combative during and after his arrest. He was so combative that he had to be fitted with a spit mask, which can still be seen over his face in his mugshot/booking photo. Authorities have also noted that Mesa was nude at the time of the incident, which was also allegedly witnessed by neighbors.


Unfortunately, this isn't the only bizarre and violent incident that took place this past Valentine's Day. An Ohio man reportedly cut off his own penis on Sunday in a bizarre event that still hasn't been explained in media reports. The name of the 69-year-old man has not been published, but he reportedly used a pair of scissors to sever his member. Reports aren't indicating how the police were notified of this incident, but they arrived at the man's home at around 1:15 a.m. and transported him to a nearby hospital. At this time, his current condition is unknown.

Nicole Guimond was the victim of a violent murder-suicide on Valentine's Day - Photo via Facebook
Nicole Guimond was the victim of a violent murder-suicide on Valentine's Day [Image via Facebook]

Also on this past Valentine's Day, a Canadian couple were found dead in what is being called a murder-suicide. Police in Ontario say that 24-year-old Travis Sayyeau fatally shot his former girlfriend and her 28-year-old female roommate before turning the gun on himself in a final act of violence. Authorities in Ontario say that they believe Sayyeau was stressed about the end of their relationship, but the two had still been living together. This may have presumably pushed the man to the act of violence that ended two innocent lives.

Florida man Pedro Manuel Mesa has been charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon in the alleged stabbing death of his own mother. A Florida judge ordered the man to be held in jail without bond during a Tuesday hearing, but the ultimate outcome of this case is still unknown. If he's convicted of these crimes, he could be given a life term of imprisonment.

[Image via Miami-Dade Booking Photo/Pedro Mesa]