The IE8 puke ad pulled – the warm and fuzzy crowd wins again

Last week I wrote here about the new series of online ads that Microsoft was running for Internet Explorer 8 and truth be told I thought they were all funny as hell, and yes even the one where the wife shows her disgust for her husbands browsing habits. Then last night as I was prepping for this week’s Cynical Bastards podcast I was double checking the videos only to find that the “puking ad” had been pulled.

This fact was confirmed by cnet News

The truth is that Microsoft wasn’t 100 percent happy with vom-com.

“We make a point of listening to our customers,” a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail Thursday morning. “We created the OMGIGP video as a tongue-in-cheek look at the InPrivate Browsing feature of Internet Explorer 8, using the same irreverent humor that our customers told us they liked about other components of the Internet Explorer 8 marketing campaign. While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it.”

I’m sorry but sure the ad maybe should have had some kind of warning (“weak stomach people with no sense of ha-ha need not watch“) but I don’t think the ad needed to be pulled. It was funny as hell and sure I may have a whacked sense of humor but come on folks lighten up for crying out loud.

While the ad may have been pulled from the ‘official’ channels it still lives on YouTube so for those of you who thought it was funny here ya go. The rest of you who didn’t go watch television or something and make sure you definitely don’t watch this one or you might curl into a fetal ball.

Warning: weak stomach panty waists should not watch this as you might not see any humor