October 10, 2017
Ruth Madoff now homeless

Ruth Madoff was escorted from her posh Manhattan penthouse today by federal marshals, the New York Daily News is reporting.

Mrs. Madoff, who has reverted to her maiden name Alpern in an unsuccessful bid to find an apartment, reportedly surrendered all the property inside. Five federal marshals took possession of the home just before noon today and are in the process of cataloguing its contents. Ruth has lived in the $7m Upper East Side Duplex for decades with her husband, Bernie Madoff, who is currently serving a sentence of 150 years for his infamous Ponzi scheme.

Ruth Madoff relinquished all claim to the $70m in funds that were in her name, and denied any knowledge of her husband's schemes. Don't feel too bad for her, in case you were going to- she was allowed to keep $2.5m in cash in the deal she cut with the Justice Department.