Montana Family Watching ‘The Walking Dead’ Mayhem On TV Triggers 911, Officers Rush To Scene, Surround House With Guns Drawn

The intensity of the drama on Sunday’s mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC proved overwhelming for many fans. But it proved too realistic for residents of a neighborhood in Great Falls, Montana, who, spooked by the sheer intensity of the noisy mayhem as a family watched the show with their TV volume turned up and windows open, panicked and called 911.

Several neighbors called 911 to report an extreme incident of domestic violence as the family gave noisy support to Ricky Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his zombie-gut-camouflaged gang hacking their way through a thick a wall of walkers in zombie-infested Alexandria.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that officers with the Great Falls Police Department received multiple 911 calls to a house in Great Falls, Montana, just before 7:30 p.m. on Sunday. The callers reported loud noise coming from a house that gave an impression of the worst kind of mayhem imaginable in a domestic setting: Screams, gunshots, urgent and heavy footsteps.

An anxious caller told police there was “screaming from the house about someone having a gun.”

According to CNN affiliate KRTV, a team of police officers responded promptly to the calls. They arrived outside the house and heard multiple screams, gunshots, flashing lights, and “loud talking” from inside the house.

Drawing their guns, they surrounded the house.

Great Falls Police Department Sgt. Brian McGraw told the Great Falls Tribune that such was the intensity of commotion from inside the house that officers gripped their weapons in anticipation of a shootout.

“We had a whole bunch of guys on that one,” McGraw said.

But when they entered the house, they found that the mayhem was due to an entire family of two adults and several children giving spirited and enthusiastic support to Rick and his team battling zombies in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Police notes only said that the family was watching a “show about firearms, “and that officers checked to make sure that everyone was OK. But McGraw confirmed that the show “about firearms” was actually the midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a popular drama chronicling the hair-raising adventures of heroes caught in the zombie apocalypse.

Officers must have been relieved to confirm the nature and source of the domestic mayhem — a titanic struggle between the living and the dead projected by modern technology into the family’s living room.

As Rick leads survivors through zombie-infested Alexandria, Sam (Major Dodson) gives himself away and the walkers converge on him. His mother, Jessie (Alexandria Breckenridge), screams and is also promptly swarmed by walkers. Rick is forced to lob off Jessie’s arm as she holds on to Carl (Chandler Riggs). Jessie’s son, Ron (Austin Abrams), draws a gun on Rick, but he is cut down promptly by sword-wielding Michonne. Carl gets shot in the eye.

Rick carries Carl to the infirmary for treatment, and soon becomes involved in an epic hacking fight with walkers seeking to overrun the infirmary as Denise attends to the injured.

With Jessie and her sons having lost their lives, Carl an eye, Glenn (Steven Yeun) only making it through by the skin of his teeth, and hordes of zombies incinerated, police officers must have appreciated that the family had seen enough action for the day and thus wisely took no further action.

The family, according to the Great Falls Tribune, has not commented on the incident.

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