Lil Wayne ‘Tips’ Dancer $12K As ‘Switched At Birth’ Drama Started On Purpose

Lil Wayne has been enjoying a boost in fame since his SuperBowl 50 commercial and his Dedication Tour. Sadly, without lifting a finger, Lil Wayne has also been ensnared in controversy once again, and the television show, Switched At Birth, says they did it on purpose.

In the meantime, it is apparent that all Lil Wayne wants to do is enjoy a good dance show, give a good performance with 2 Chainz, and honor his favorite hockey player.

Rolling Stone notes that Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz’ performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on February 15 debuted a song from their upcoming collaborative album, Collegrove. About the song, “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday,” they reported the following.

“[Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz had] potent chemistry and plenty of idiosyncratic lyrical weirdness. At one point, 2 Chainz seemed to shout out Netflix, while Wayne cracked about holstering a magnum pistol, ‘I keep that maggie on me, I think I’m a Homer Simpson.’”

According to the Washington Post, Lil Wayne also took time on Valentine’s Day weekend to congratulate Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals hockey team for his fourteenth “hat trick.” In his tweet, Lil Wayne called Ovechkin a “beast,” and Ovechkin tweeted Lil Wayne to thank him and said he was “the best.”

Lil Wayne gives praise to many athletes including dancers and hockey players

Speaking of being a sports-lover, while Lil Wayne is still embroiled in tax troubles and is alleged to owe millions according to Page Six, it does not mean that he is failing to honor other athletes he loves — such as dancers.

TMZ reports that Lil Wayne was asked to perform at the Ace of Diamonds after the Grammys on February 15. After he performed, Lil Wayne gave the dancers at that club a chance to turn the tables and entertain him with their onstage athletics.

For their efforts, Lil Wayne reportedly gave the dancer NoForeign $12,000. Of course, Lil Wayne got paid $60,000 to make the appearance that night, and this means that the “tip” could also be perceived in others ways.

For example, giving NoForeign a cut of his pay could have been his way of paying respects to her since she worked there, and he was just visiting. Adding to this, TMZ writes that Lil Wayne handing over $12,000 to NoForeign was “a nice fat 20 percent tip off his appearance fee. Kind and fiscally sound.”

Despite the fact that Lil Wayne often shows he is a nice guy that appreciates talent in others, some of his mid-February headlines seem to show him any Valentine’s Day spirit in return. For instance, Lil Wayne is currently ensnared in racial controversy (again) because someone is making a costume out of him — and they are doing it to be naughty on purpose.

The Southeast Missourian writes on February 17 that Lil Wayne has been the center of an upcoming episode of Switched At Birth where a college student that identifies as white wears something that he tells others is a Lil Wayne costume. According to the producers, they did this on purpose to give a chance for “our black characters [to] lead their own story” about the white person’s response for dressing like Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne and surrealism are old friends

However, Lil Wayne may be used to people using him in surrealistic contexts, and GQ‘s editors recently reminded the world that they thought Young Thug “sounds like a man-boy who’d been raised by wolves and suckled on Xanax and mushrooms and Lil Wayne, inventing his own language.”

Alternatively, the randomness of Lil Wayne is usually appreciated directly, and Four Oh Five does not hold back. In talking about the next wave of “best” 2016 R&B, Cash Money’s Jacquees is highlighted in conjunction with Lil Wayne in the following review.

“Looking at Jacquees, you might think ‘wow he looks like Lil Wayne and A$AP Rocky’s love child’ but you probably wouldn’t guess that this kid is a seriously slick R&B vocalist.”

Coming up next, Lil Wayne will continue to tour through March, according to his Facebook page. Lil Wayne is also expected to be in Miami, Florida around February 19 for the opening of a new restaurant called Wahlburgers, according to Bungalower.

Lil Wayne will also announce the names of the schools where he is scheduled to perform in conjunction with his TIDAL Social Wave initiative.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]