Louis Tomlinson’s Family Hit Back At Babygate Skeptics

The mother of new dad and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has hit back at a Twitter-user who called her grandson “fake,” as reported by Sugarscape. It follows a rant by Louis’ sister Felicite, who slammed One Direction fans who criticised Louis’ ex Briana Jungwirth for being a “one night stand” baby mama. The Sun also reported that Louis’ sister Phoebe took to social media to slam babygate skeptics, writing “my nephew is not fake,” though some have questioned whether the Phoebe account is real.

[t]’s the fans who refuse to believe that Briana, 24, has given birth to anything more than a cushion that have really riled Phoebe, who took to Twitter to tell them to “grow up”.

She raged: “It’s sickening that most of you believe that a baby could be fake. It’s time for you to all grow up now.”

Felicite Tomlinson spoke out again today, questioning why she is receiving hate for defending her baby nephew from people who say he isn’t real.

In the most recent instance of Tomlinson family backlash against determined “Larry” shippers and Directioners who cry that Freddie Reign Tomlinson’s birth in January was a PR stunt, Louis’ mother Johannah Deakin responded to a fan who wrote: “freddie is not real.”

Johannah scoffed that she was just cuddling her grandson and he seemed pretty real. She added that Freddie is a beautiful baby and punctuated her message with a love heart emoji.

Some fans held tight to their disbelief and flooded Louis’ mum with new questions about Freddie and Louis’ behaviour over the last year — it seems a lot of people cannot get over the fact that Louis stopped in at Sunglass Hut on the day his son was born. Others stated huffily that they have learned not believe everything they read.

Those fans were outnumbered by antis and those who reject the babygate cover-up theory.

Larry theorists defended themselves by saying they are entitled to their opinion. One person shot back saying that Larry is not an opinion but a case of mass sexual harassment and mob hate directed at the One Direction family members and a newborn infant.

Another person pointed out that ignoring somebody’s statement that they are straight, and tagging them as gay against their will, is pretty rude and actually abusive.

Others questioned how Larries could speak so rudely to the mother of their idol, Louis Tomlinson.

One fan came forward saying she was sorry people were speaking to Louis’ mum like that. Johannah gave a response, saying it doesn’t matter and she has too much to feel blessed about to get worked up about some skeptics/conspiracy theorists.

Briana Jungwirth herself stepped up and liked the most recent comments made by Louis’ mum and sister.

Briana gave birth to Louis’ son in Los Angeles on 21st January this year, as reported by the Mirror. The blonde stylist was originally believed to have been a one night stand of Louis’, but it later emerged that the two had attempted a relationship and broke up just before Freddie was born. One Direction fans were shocked to learn that Louis Tomlinson had become a father and many still cling to the belief that Freddie is a cover for a gay relationship.

The belief that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a gay relationship is thought to have sprung from the immensely popular One Direction fan fiction culture. Some Directioners were so emotionally invested in the charged — and often very explicit — stories they read about Louis and Harry dating or making love, that these emotions carried over into their attitudes about their real-world idols Harry and Louis. This process of transference, projection, and the blurring of boundaries between reality and fiction is known as “tin-hatting,” according to the Daily Dot.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel)