Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation For Act Of Love, Could Do Jail Time

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler likely thought they were acting innocently and simply confessing their love for one another by carving their names into a rock on Valentine’s Day weekend. However, government authorities see the act in an entirely different light.

The pair now finds themselves under investigation by the National Forest Service, or in plain terms, the federal government, for allegedly “defacing a prized possession in an Arizona park.

The trouble for Hudgens and Butler all resulted due to Hudgens having posted an Instagram photo of her and Austin’s handiwork etching of their names into a rock formation in Arizona Coconino National Forest, which is in the Sedona region.


Wonderwall relays details about the incident and the Instagram post, which has since been taken down.

“The photo, shared with her 15.7 million followers, showed the giant heart with the words ‘Austin + Vanessa’ carved into the red rock. She captioned the photo ‘Happy Valentine’s Day boo boo bears,’ along with emojis of hearts, lips and roses.”

Before the Instagram post was removed by the Hudgens, it has already received 2,000 comment and 320,000 likes. Perhaps this seem like extreme strictness enforced by the United States government. However, law prohibits anyone from “damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States,” as the publication shares.

This seemingly harmless act of love also comes with a hefty price to pay and possible jail time. A fee of $5,000 and/or possible jail time of six months is the penalty that goes along with this crime. The Daily Mail shares that the minimum punishment for the crime is $100 fine and three months behind bars. That’s not good news for the two lovebirds.

At least the star and her boyfriend have the memories of the picturesque setting of Sedona while professing their love for each other.

“Over the course of the couple’s Valentine’s week excursion, Vanessa and Austin seems to relish in the beautiful tranquility of Sedona. Vanessa posted several pictures from the scenic Arizona area, captioning many of them ‘#SedonaDreams.’”

At least the High School Musical star looked adorable while she was committing the act that may see her behind bars. As seen in photos on the star’s Instagram account during the outing, which were not removed, she wore a black crop top and body jewels and staple aviator sunglasses.

Sadly, before the incident, Vanessa had dealt with a tragedy that required a mourning period and was spending it enjoying the beauty of Sedona with Austin at the time they unknowingly committed the crime, as the Daily Mail reminds.

“The actress and her boyfriend were enjoying much-needed break after the star said farewell to her father Greg, who died at the age of 65 on January 30 from cancer. He passed away just hours before Vanessa starred in FOX’s Grease Live, where she wowed fans with her performance as Rizzo in the classic musical.”

Vanessa and Austin have been dating since 2011. Austin has appeared in The Carrie Diaries and Arrow, and at the moment stars in The Shamara Chronicles on MTV.

Vanessa and Austin have been dating since 2011.

There were a number of Instagram photos from the clearly enjoyable weekend that Vanessa was able to leave on her account for her 13 million fans to view. It’s unfortunate that an investigation could come of something so innocent as a declaration by Vanessa and Austin involving their love for one another. But the law is the law, celebrity or not.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]