Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap — Dottie Underwood Returns

At the end of the last Marvel’s Agent Carter, Whitney Frost’s husband Calvin Chadwick had called an emergency meeting of the Council of Nine regarding his wife’s newfound powers, Agent Carter’s love-interest Jason Wilkes began to fade before Peggy’s eyes, and Captain Sousa’s fiance Violet broke off their recent engagement when she realized he’s still in love with Agent Carter.

The main thrust of episode six is that Carter and friends need to obtain a sample of Frost’s blood so that they can develop a cure for Jason Wilkes. Still recovering from the impaling at the end of the last episode, Carter is forced to turn to Dottie Underwood for help, and we have barely seen Dottie since the Agent Carter season premiere. Chadwick believes that the meeting he arranged at the Arena Club will result in Frost’s capture, while Whitney assumes she is going simply to demonstrate her new zero matter-related gifts.


As Jason Wilkes struggles to find a way to become corporeal after his exposure to zero matter, it is clear they need another sample of the powerful substance — which would have to come directly from Whitney Frost. Since she can barely walk after last week’s episode, Agent Carter — along with Chief Sousa — decides to enlist the help of last season’s big capture, Dottie Underwood. They break her free from prison, task her with obtaining a blood sample and team her with Jarvis to get the sample at a large political event.

This episode also marks the return of Edwin’s wife Ana, who is very concerned for the safety of Mr. Jarvis throughout. She does her best to help Peggy recover and assists Wilkes as well. Of course, while Edwin accompanies Dottie to the social event, he can barely keep track of her.


The party at which Jarvis and Underwood are trying to obtain Frost’s blood sample is at the Arena Club on the same night that Chadwick has arranged the meeting for Whitney with the Council of Nine. After demonstrating her new power to the group of old, white men, they try to have her captured. She proceeds to eliminate the men trying to capture her, as well as several members of the Council of Nine — and her own husband.

While initially being almost too shy to leave the house due to her ever-growing zero matter scar, Frost now assumed control over the remaining members of the Council, all members she allowed to let live because she believes they can help her with her plan. She promises them power in return.

Frost allows Mr. Jones to live because he can give her access to all of the Roxxon facilities so she can continue her zero matter research. Jones is also instructed to speak with Vernon Masters about the new change in power. Ms. Frost keeps Mr. Hayes around because he controls “every newspaper west of the Mississippi.” He is told that his papers will fabricate a story about the sudden disappearance of her husband and the rest of the Council of Nine.

At the party, Dottie Underwood manages to hide in a closet (after obtaining a sample of Frost’s blood without her knowing) while Whitney shows her new powers and plans to the Council. No one had explained exactly what Frost was capable of to Dottie. She loses the blood sample (which is retrieved by Jarvis) and manages to get captured by Vernon Masters, a returning Chief Thompson and Whitey Frost.

The action in this episode ends with the revelation that Dottie is being held somewhere in a box. Frost opens the box, revealing herself to Underwood, and then immediately shuts the box again. On the drama side of things, Chief Sousa almost kisses Peggy at one point, and Jason Wilkes notices how long a lingering touch between the two lasts. Clearly, a love triangle has formed.

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