'President' Donald Trump Winning Have You Down? Canada Ad Suggests Cape Breton Island To Americans Leaving U.S.

Patrick Frye

Is the prospect of President Donald Trump winning the election getting you down? Pretty much every four years, many Americans, both Democrat and Republican alike, threaten to leave the United States completely if a certain someone is voted into office. Usually, this empty threat does not specify exactly where they will flee. A new Canada ad is suggesting that if Trump wins, then the best place to go is Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

All the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters better listen up, because you may have to start planning the big move soon, according to the website.

"Hi Americans! Donald Trump may become the President of your country! If that happens, and you decide to get the hell out of there, might I suggest moving to Cape Breton Island!" proclaims CBIfTrumpWins.com. "Don't wait until Donald Trump is elected president to find somewhere else to live! Start now, that way, on election day, you just hop on a bus to start your new life in Cape Breton, where women can get abortions, Muslim people can roam freely, and the only 'walls' are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses."

The ad is, of course, referring to Trump's previously stated positions on Muslim immigration and the border between Mexico and the United States. According to Politico, Trump even put a price on the Mexico wall.

"The wall is probably $8 billion, which is a tiny fraction of the money that we lose with Mexico," Trump said. "I'm talking about precasts going up probably 35 to 40 feet in the air. That's high, that's a wall. It'll actually look good. It'll look, you know, as good as a wall is going to look. And it's going to do the trick. But we're going to have big, beautiful doors in the wall and people are gonna come into the country."

Trump even suggested that Mexico will have to pay for the wall. When former Mexican President Felipe Calderon claimed Mexico would never pay to build Trump's "stupid wall," Trump replied, "I heard he said that we will not pay. Guess what? The wall just got higher."

If you found Trump's rhetoric to be scary, then the Cape Breton Island website claims moving to Canada is the option.

"This is not a joke! See for yourself, you belong here with us on Cape Breton Island, where health care is free, you know your neighbors and they look out for you, and nobody has a hand gun!" claims the website.

According to CBC News, the website was created by Rob Calabrese, a Nova Scotian radio host. Calabrese believes that Donald Trump winning the White House is a "scary possibility," and Democrats who believe similarly are seriously talking about leaving the United States if the Republican wins.

"Since we launched yesterday at noon, it's really taken off. I've been contacted a lot by people who appear to be earnestly asking about moving here," he said. "They're asking genuine questions about things like the immigration process, the economics. It's been taken seriously by some people, which is great and not intended, but I'm going to help them out as best I can."

In the recent past, some famous celebrities have claimed they will seriously leave the United States if Trump wins. For example, Whoopi Goldberg said she'd start packing her bags since Trump allegedly likes to blame minorities for America's woes.

"Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be. What he can't be is he can't be the guy that says it's your fault stuff isn't working. That's not the president I want," she said. "I don't think that's America. I don't want it to be America. Maybe it's time for me to move, you know."

If Donald Trump wins the 2016 election would you seriously consider moving to another country?

[Image via cbiftrumpwins.com]