President Hillary Clinton Is Equal To A Third Term For The Obama Administration

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady to President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State, has built an impressive political career spanning decades. Now Hillary is running for President of the United States in her own right.

Though Hillary Clinton is leading in polls for the upcoming South Carolina primary, many are concerned that voting for Clinton is like re-electing a former president.

Voters who do not like Bill Clinton, or anything about his time as president, will be unlikely to cast a ballot for Hillary, who may be just like her husband. More importantly, however, is the concern that Hillary Clinton will, in essence, be an extension of the Obama administration.

President Obama, while not actually backing Hillary Clinton as his choice for the next president at this time, still throws enough positive comments her way to make it look like she may very well win his endorsement, according to Bloomberg.

“I know Hillary better than I know Bernie, because she’s served in my administration, and she was an outstanding Secretary of State. And I suspect that, on certain issues, she agrees with me more than Bernie does.”

Obama says he will wait for a while to consider whether he will back Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

“Ultimately I will probably have an opinion. But for now I think it’s important for Democratic voters to express themselves and for candidates to be run through the paces.”

Bill Clinton — Hillary’s husband, former president, and possibly the inaugural First Gentleman if Hillary wins the election — has hit the campaign trail to support Hillary’s political endeavors, as she once supported his.

According to The New York Times, former President Clinton also made reference to Hillary planning to continue on much as the Obama administration has run, stating that, “Mr. Clinton suggested that a Hillary Clinton administration would continue the Obama administration’s work to expand Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, overhaul the student loan system, and ensure background checks for all gun buyers.”

Barack Obama gained a huge boost to his votes by encouraging African Americans to get out and vote. It paid off for him. It seems Hillary Clinton may be taking a page from his book, as she is courting the black vote, as well. Leaning heavily on Obama’s unofficial support, Hillary has also been campaigning for the African-American vote herself.

Hillary Clinton’s close working relationship with President Obama also lends her a great portion of the African American vote. The Washington Post notes that African American people who are huge fans of Obama are much more likely to vote for Hillary this year than they were in 2008. Sixty-five percentage points more likely, in fact.

Those who have been happy with the Obama administration will likely vote for Hillary. Those who do not care for President Obama will surely vote for someone else. With only two states having voted, it’s anyone’s guess as to where Hillary Clinton will end up.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will continue on as the Obama administration began?

[Image credit: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press]