WWE News: 'Total Divas' Recap -- Baby Showers & Title Reigns

On this week's episode of Total Divas (Season 5, Episode 5), Nikki Bella deals with a serious injury as she approaches the record for the longest WWE Divas Championship reign, Rosa Mendes doesn't like the baby shower that Alicia Fox and Paige are throwing for her, and Mandy reaches out to Natalya for help with training.

Brie Bella does her best to console her twin sister, but is obviously very concerned about Nikki's health, after having gone through serious injuries with husband Daniel Bryan. As Rosa tells Foxy that she wants to move the baby show from Florida to California, both WWE Divas crank up the drama. As Mandy adjusts to life in the WWE Universe, she struggles to balance the importance of image and social media with in-ring training and working out. She turns to Eva Marie for the former and Natalya for the latter.

Mandy, Eva Marie and Natalya

When Mandy debuted two weeks ago on Total Divas, she seemed a bit lost. The Tough Enough runner-up wasn't sure who she could trust or whose lead she should follow. By the end of last week's Total Divas, she had made good with Eva Marie. On this week's episode, she has to learn the importance of maintaining her desired image while learning to be a better in-ring competitor at the same time.

Eva Marie's manager/husband Jonathan has hired a professional social media manager for the rising star, and she invited Mandy along to see how these sorts of opportunities play themselves out for WWE Divas. Around the same time, Mandy asks Natalya if she can spare time to help her work out on Nattie's day off.
After showing up late with no wrestling shoes and asking Natalya for a selfie, Jim's daughter leaves the Training Center frustrated. Mandy apologizes, Natalya accepts and everyone is on good terms by the end of the show. Mandy is slowly being accepted by the rest of the cast.

Nikki's Title Reign and Brie's Support

As Total Divas is taped several months in advance, the wrestling storylines are still such that Nikki Bella is just about to become the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion of all time. However, she is experiencing some neck and shoulder pain that hadn't bothered her before, and it appears to be at least partially due to her use of the Rack Attack finishing move.

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox (Team Bella)
Nikki Bella as the WWE Divas Champion with Team Bella members Alicia Fox and Brie (image via WWE).

Brie takes Nikki to meet with the same doctor who helped Daniel Bryan, and she feels a little bit better. On the night that she broke the record, she and Brie used "Twin Magic" to keep the title so that Nikki didn't have to perform the Rack Attack. The final scene of the show is the entire Total Divas cast and friends out to eat, celebrating Nikki's milestone.

Alicia Fox and Paige and Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes -- who just recently had her baby -- was almost six months pregnant when this episode was recorded. Paige and Alicia Fox are put in charge of the baby shower. When they start planning a Gothic-themed shower, Rosa begins to question whether she selected the right people to be in charge.

Eventually, Rosa tells Foxy that she wants to move the shower from Alicia's house in Florida to California where she and her boyfriend/baby daddy will already be. A lot of drama ensues, as Rosa and Alicia end up calling each other crazy. But by the end of the episode, Alicia apologizes and Rosa accepts. While we've been hearing about him since the season premiere of Total Divas, Rosa's boyfriend will appear on next's week's episode.

Where To Watch

E! airs Total Divas every Tuesday at 9/8c. Highlights of this episode (Come Reign Or Shine) can be seen at E! Online's official Total Divas page. Full episodes of Total Divas can be streamed on-demand the following day with a Hulu Plus subscription. Seasons 1-4 of Total Divas are available to stream on-demand through the WWE Network.

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