Toddler Rescued From Sewer Shaft In Colombia [Video]

A toddler was rescued from a sewer shaft in Colombia after a frantic search for the three-year-old who had been missing close to 24 hours.

The dramatic rescue was caught on tape, showing a crowd of maintenance workers prying the top off a sewer manhole cover to find the toddler, Jeanpier Silvera Arteta, grasping for his life as water rush around him and into a narrow hole.

The boy had been missing for a day, Yahoo News reported, disappearing Tuesday night while playing with his two brothers near a construction site. The civil defense team suspected he had found his way into a sewer and started a frenzied search to find the boy in time. They searched the sewers once, finding nothing, but on their second sweep through the found him hanging on for his life several feet below the street’s surface.

“It was an intense search,” one rescuer told the BBC. “Thank God we found the boy in one of the sweeps in the area. We had already searched the sewers one time and hadn’t found him. The second time we searched, the boy was there. He was close to being swept into a hole in the sewer.”

As he was pulled out the boy was rushed through the crowd to a waiting ambulance. Crowds cheered and expressed relief at his rescue. Other than some frightening moments as he was pulled out, it appeared the boy suffered no serious injuries from his sewer rescue.

The toddler rescued from the sewer was taken to the hospital where he is now recovering, safe and sound–and clean, too.