NBA Trade Rumors: New Orleans Pelicans Acquiring Milwaukee Bucks Center

NBA trade rumors are suggesting that the New Orleans Pelicans are looking for an interior partner for Anthony Davis. According to The Times Picayune, the Pelicans are targeting Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks, who are listening to offers to almost every single player on their roster. The trade would enable Monroe to play in his hometown of New Orleans, something that he reportedly wants.

Being home is something that is very important to some NBA players. Carmelo Anthony had a pretty good thing going with the Denver Nuggets, but he long yearned to be back in the Big Apple, so a trade was consummated with the New York Knicks. Some feel that if you’re comfortable away from the basketball court, then you’re going to play a little bit better because of the reduced stress.

Carmelo Anthony

When Greg Monroe became a free agent after last season, he was heavily coveted by several NBA teams. The New York Knicks were hoping that he would be their starting center and someone that first round Latvian rookie Kristaps Porzingis can learn from. Monroe turned everyone down and surprised the National Basketball Association by signing with the Milwaukee Bucks because he felt that they were his best chance at winning.

Things haven’t exactly worked out for Greg Monroe and the Milwaukee Bucks. The chemistry just simply has not been there. They currently possess a 22-32 record, which means that they are only ahead of the lowly Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets out in the Eastern Conference. That’s not exactly where Bucks head coach Jason Kidd was projecting his talented roster to be at this point in the NBA season.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd is reportedly not pleased with the defensive efforts of the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s the reason why the team is shopping Michael Carter-Williams. Greg Monroe has never been known as a great defender. It was obvious when he was with the Detroit Pistons that Andre Drummond was the one that handled the lion’s share of the defensive responsibilities, taking on the opposing team’s best low post scorer.

A change of scenery might do Greg Monroe some good, especially if that scenery is a familiar one to him. The former Georgetown Hoyas star already has a $50 million contract in his hand, so he can focus on playing basketball. With NBA All Star forward Anthony Davis around, Monroe also does not have to worry about carrying the burden of stardom for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Michael Carter-Williams

Schematically, Anthony Davis and Greg Monroe can be a great front court pair for the New Orleans Pelicans. Monroe is exceptional at scoring in the low post, so that takes a lot of the offensive burden away from Davis. Since Davis also possesses enough range to shoot from the three point line, he can sometimes act as a stretch four so that Monroe can have more room to operate in the paint.

Things also work out pretty well from the defensive side of things. Greg Monroe is barely adequate as a defender. Fortunately for him, Anthony Davis excels at it. Davis is a great shot blocker, especially from the weak side. He can swoop in to cover for Monroe when he gets beat by his opponent. Davis can also defend the center position, so the New Orleans Pelicans can substitute a quicker player in for Monroe during those match ups.

Anthony Davis

Greg Monroe might be a better fit with Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans.

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