Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Get Serious, Plan To Move In Together? Plus, Why Didn’t She Bring Him As Her Date For The Grammys?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may be ready to amp up their relationship. As they prepare to celebrate their one-year anniversary, the musicians are reportedly considering a live-in arrangement after a man was caught trespassing at Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills home.

“Calvin was very concerned to learn that [Taylor Swift] could’ve come to harm,” an insider told Hollywood Life on February 6. “He told her the simple solution would be to move in with him, so he can protect her and she won’t be in any danger.”

On February 3, Taylor Swift’s home security was breached when a suspicious-looking male was spotted on her property, and while the man was later arrested, Harris remains concerned for Taylor Swift’s safety. In fact, he’s made it his business to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again — even if that means enlisting his own team to help her out.

“[Taylor Swift] has her own security, but Calvin has suggested using more and has offered to pay the bill to keep her safe,” the source explained.

During last night’s Grammy Awards, many fans were surprised to see that Taylor Swift showed up to the show without her main squeeze, and wasn’t seen at all with Harris throughout the night. Instead, Taylor Swift was joined in the front row of the presentation by her longtime best friend, Selena Gomez, who served as a presenter during the show.

“[Taylor Swift] wanted to send a message to her fans all over the world that friendship and girl power is what it’s all about. She treasures her relationship with Selena and has never ever made her friends come second to any boyfriend she’s ever had,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life on February 16. “Calvin totally understands this and knew she had a strong acceptance speech she wanted to give to all her fans, particularly her female fans.”

So, rather than show up with Harris, Taylor Swift kept with her feminism theme, and allowed for her acceptance speech to explain their agreement, and possibly, serve as a response to Kanye West, who dissed her in his new song, “Famous,” just days prior.

As Taylor Swift explained in her acceptance speech for the Album of the Year award, she didn’t want any man getting in the way of her special moment.

“[Taylor Swift] wanted to prove that she can stand alone in the face of bullies, like Kanye West. She doesn’t need a guy to protect her and she doesn’t need a man to define who she is,” the source explained.

In 2009, West infamously snatched a microphone from Taylor Swift, who had won an award which he believed belonged to Beyoncé, and proceeded to rant about the R&B singer. The moment went down in history at the MTV Video Music Awards, and made for a hot topic in the press for weeks. However, after the buzz died down, West apologized, and publicly made a truce with Taylor Swift during another awards show, which ended their feud — at least temporarily.

Then, last week, ahead of his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show during New York Fashion Week, the rapper and father of two slammed Taylor Swift, claiming they might sleep together, and stating that he was the one who made her famous.

In her acceptance speech, Taylor Swift spoke of someone who was trying to take credit for her success, but didn’t mention West by name.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]