‘Trove’ Updates With The Lunar New Year Dragon, Changes The Way Dragons Are Obtained

Trove players willing to complete hourly challenges for powerful dragons will notice a major change after today’s patch. The way dragons and their powerful passives are unlocked is drastically different now than it was just yesterday in Trove. The “Monkey Business” patch may be named after the new dancing monkey pet available in Chaos Chests, but the patch mainly changes the way players unlock dragons.

Previously, players in Trove would need to complete a large number of hourly challenges for a chance to complete the current rotating dragon. Before the update today, players were still working to unlock the Starlight Dragon with 100 Starlight Dragon Souls obtained from the hourly challenge. On the first completion of an hourly challenge each day, one soul would be guaranteed and another soul would be guaranteed after reaching the final tier of the hourly challenge. Completing the first two tiers of the hourly challenge also rewarded four dragon caches with a chance to contain dragon souls.

Even the most dedicated Trove players would need complete many challenges before the current dragon was retired making way for another dragon and its souls. It was an understandably frustrating process with an extreme focus on finishing before the dragon was retired. Although players could previously use Dragon Coins, rarely looted from caches, to create the souls of retired dragons, Trove developers decided to take the emphasis on trying to beat the clock before a dragon is retired.

Now, Dragon Coins are the focus of the dragon collection process according to the official Trove website. Dragon souls can still be looted from Lesser Dragon Caches, but the specific dragon cache for the current dragon is now gone. Instead, completing the hourly challenges will reward Lesser Dragon Caches with flux, Dragon Coins, and specific Dragon Souls as the rewards. The flux is the most common reward with the Dragon Coins and Dragon Souls being much rarer.


Players can still use Dragon Coins to create retired dragon souls, but these coins will also be used in making new dragons. Not to mention, they can no longer be traded, and there a few more ways to get them as explained in this brief FAQ on the official forums. Players will receive five Dragon Coins for completing their first daily challenge and an additional one Dragon Coin for each hourly challenge’s final tier completed. Owners of the legendary Dragon Coin Tome will receive 25 Dragon Coins when the required experience is earned, and players can purchase five Dragon Coins from the store for 750 Cubits repeatedly.

With the overhaul to the dragon system, players will need to log in to Trove before March 7 to pick up an important ingredient in creating the new Lunar New Year Dragon. As stated in the patch notes, this item is available for a limited time and is crucial to creating the new dragon. With the dormant egg, 300 Dragon Coins, 25,000 flux, and 500 Primordial Flames players can create the Lunar New Dragon at the Dragon Crucible in the Hub. Dragon Coins are no longer needed to create Purified Dragon Flames.


Hopefully, with just one type of currency really needed to complete all previous and upcoming dragons, players will not feel as pressured to complete every hourly challenge before a dragon is retired. However, with much of the system still reliant on random number generation, like from the cache’s loot, players will still likely see long grinds to unlock dragons.

Trove, the free-to-play voxel game from Trion Worlds, continues to change since its release in July 2015. The game caters to thousands of players each day just via Steam. Trove even went offline for two days in January to upgrade the game’s database and storage. As The Inquisitr reported, the upgrade was completed in an effort to rectify unplanned extended downtime and other server issues previously plaguing the game.

[Image via Trion Worlds]