Meagan Good’s ‘Breast Out’ Says Church Lady: Good Cries As Husband DeVon Franklin Defends Meagan [Video]

There’s a video of DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good that’s going viral, all because of the criticism that a women in church levied at Good — and for the way Franklin defended his wife. The duo were discussing their testimonies and their new book, The Wait, when one woman stood up and seemed to begin to preach, but then changed into criticism towards Meagan.

“If you don’t have the Holy Ghost, you not gonna defeat anything.”

The woman then went on to seemingly compliment Meagan, telling her how beautiful she was, but when the crowd sensed something offensive was coming, she insisted there wasn’t an insensitive comment coming.

“You are beautiful.This is not offensive. It’s not offensive.”

The audience member then described how she went to a grocery store and saw a magazine that featured Good showing a bunch of cleavage — apparently more than what was acceptable for the person asking the question.

“I was at a newsstand, and I saw a newspaper and you had your breast out. You are a beautiful woman. The Lord let me come to push past the judgement. You have to make sure what you say and what you do match up — right? So we gonna cover up, right?”

It was the last question that really made the audience blow up at the woman, and made the fire come out in DeVon. As the woman transitioned from praising the Lord to saying how Meagan’s breast being out on a magazine cover made her want to stay away from the event, she went on to say she was glad she ended up coming, and hearing Meagan’s testimony. However, that ended with a left-handed compliment and an admonition that Good should cover up, and the condescending and judgmental tone didn’t go over well with Franklin, who quickly commanded the microphone to defend his wife.

“She gonna wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus. God bless you — we love you. We ain’t doing that. I love you. Y’all about to see a whole ‘nother side of DeVon y’all ain’t seen. Remember, I’m from Oakland.”

Meagan being told to “cover up” and DeVon’s response, as reported by The Rickey Smiley Morning Show‎, is something that is getting plenty of feedback from folks. Some are calling the woman way out of line for insinuating that Good was a hypocrite for dressing sexy and being a Christian. Many are totally on Meagan’s side — who can be seen crying in the above clip — and love DeVon’s defense of his wife.

“I am going to say this and then hush! He stated that he was attracted to her by many things including her features. Her being a Christian should not be challenged because of something she was paid (employment) to do. She is an actress! Now, in this, people complain all the time that women begin relationships looking a certain way,or doing certain things. When we change, i.e. cover up, dress down etc., then we are losing ourselves or ‘lazy’ at keeping our men entertained. How dare she judge anyone based on her personal definition of what a proper Christian women should be. If her heart is true and her husband loves her, no one has the right to open their mouth. She sounded like a bitter, jealous person. She should have been escorted out for that alone.”

(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)