Jenna Dewan-Tatum Ditches Channing Tatum For Justin Bieber

Channing Tatum is just the kind of husband to take off from work early and arrange a surprise filled with romance and good cheer for his unsuspecting wife, but, unfortunately, Jenna Dewan-Tatum had other plans. Jenna, who currently plays Lucy Lane on the CBS adaptation of Supergirl, chose instead to hit the town with her girlfriends, possibly leaving Channing home to regret his big Valentine’s Day move.

Channing Tatum Gets A Bigger Surprise, As Supergirl Actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum Ditches Him For Justin Bieber

When you meet Bieber at your girls night out and appropriately fangirl out in a selfie (btw he is the sweetest)

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Channing didn’t just come home early from a press tour in Berlin, which was impressive enough. He also littered the house with roses, bouquets, and petals decorating the house from the kitchen to the bedroom, so, as Jenna walked into their home, she was instantly intoxicated with the fresh scent of the special flower. Jenne revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that it took her a moment to really understand what was going on.

Ms. Dewan-Tatum also confessed that Channing’s return left her feeling rather discombobulated, because she was planning on having those two extra days to herself to take care of some things and to spend time with her girlfriends. Once such event included a night out at a local restaurant with her gal pals and a chance run-in with Justin Bieber. As they were enjoying the atmosphere of the cozy club, Jenna took particular notice of the live piano music, remarking on the exceptional talent of the player to her friends.

“We’re like this is really good,” Ms. Dewan-Tatum related to Ellen. “And we’re like it sounds like Justin Bieber. And then ding, ding, ding, ding it dawned on us. We were like that’s Justin Bieber.”

As the ladies all realized that it really was Bieber, Jenna says they all scrambled to fix themselves, putting on fresh makeup and fixing their hair right at the table.

“We all completely fangirled out,” the Supergirl actress confessed. “We turned immediately 16. We sent him a drink to say thank you for serenading us.”

Justin was so impressed by the attention that the evening ended with a group selfie that included Bieber, Jenna, and her girlfriends. While they all look cozy and close in the picture, Channing has nothing to worry about. The singer confessed that he has a man crush on Mr. Tatum, so he apparently would never do anything to cross him.

Channing Tatum Masters A True Art Form In Months, But Reveals He Had Help From Wife Jenna

Best dance scene in a movie hands down. So good go check it out guys!! #hailcaesar

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Hail, Caesar! led to Mr. Tatum studying and mastering a true art in the form of tap dancing. What takes most people years to master took Channing mere months to learn, but he wasn’t alone. He revealed that Jenna helped him learn the moves. He says he practiced for two to three hours daily with an instructor before going home to practice more with Jenna.

“She would watch the [choreography] video with me and then go over it with me and then I would do it,” says Channing. “What I didn’t understand about tapping is that you’re playing an instrument, you’re a part of the actual song. I’m used to dancing on beat and when you become the beat it is totally a different ball game.”

As it turns out, the experience provided Channing with an opportunity to learn something new about his wife. He says that Jenna Dewan-Tatum confessed that she had past experience as a tap dancer. Tatum says he never knew this part of Jenna’s past, because tap dancing is a dying art and there’s such little demand for it now.

Hail, Caesar! is currently showing in theaters.

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