Shocking Video Shows One-Year-Old Walking On Narrow Window Ledge Of Third-Story Apartment Building

A shocking video emerged Sunday on YouTube of a one-year-old child who appeared to have cheated death after walking back and forth on a narrow window ledge of a third-story apartment building, reported the Mirror. The 48-second video, which was captured by a neighbor, depicts a small child in “Guara II, a satellite city of the Brazilian capital Brasilia,” holding on to a window as he or she walks from side to side on the narrow ledge.

The video starts by showing the child – whose name has been withheld – standing in the center of the window ledge, struggling to get back inside of the window opening. When he or she reaches the opening, it is believed that the child is headed back inside, but after hesitating for a few seconds, the child goes back on the ledge. Only this time, the child is seen walking to the far end of the window.

The child stands on the ledge for a few seconds with his or her body pressed against the window before an unidentified person, who was caring for the child at the time, comes to the window and pulls the child to safety. It is believed that the child was not injured during the incident, but Wellington Amaral, who is the local fire chief, stated that “Parents should always have children in their sight to be able to guarantee their safety. Children want to explore the world when they begin to walk and their parents should always make access to windows and other dangerous places difficult.”

“We went to see the family and spoke with the child’s grandfather who is the owner of the flat,” social service Chief Leonardo Urcini added. “He said that at the moment the incident happened he wasn’t at home and the child was being cared for by a domestic worker.”

After the video that showed a child walking on a window ledge was published on YouTube, it went viral, reaching the Department of Children and Families. Social workers immediately visited the home and warned the child’s parent to keep the “child out of danger,” according to the Daily Mail.

The child’s grandfather, who lives in the apartment with the couple and their child, told social services that a protective wire had been placed in front of the window prior to the child walking out of the window and onto the ledge. Although the wire was present when social workers arrived at the apartment home, it is clear in the video that there wasn’t a wire in front of the window that could have prevented the toddler from walking out.

Although the incident may come as a shock, it is not uncommon as a similar incident occurred last October in Russia when a two-year-old boy was caught on camera as he walked on the ledge of an eight-story building. The boy’s mother – whose name was withheld – told news reporters that he disappeared from her sight while she was cooking lunch. She said temperatures began to rise and wanted to open a bedroom window for “some fresh air,” but had no idea that her son would think to climb out of the window and stand on the ledge. She said when she returned to the bedroom a minute later, she found her son outside.

The woman said she “had a split second to decide how to get him back without scaring him.” She went on to say that she called her son’s name as quietly and gently as she could so that he would comply. Fortunately, he “crawled down” and made it to safety. The mother held him close and sobbed “non-stop for half an hour.”

When the mother saw the shocking video of her son standing on the ledge of her apartment building, she stated that she nearly had a heart attack. Had she not returned to her bedroom a minute later and discovered her son on the ledge and gently talked him back inside, outcome could have been much worse.

Twitter reacts to watching video of a baby walking on a window ledge.

It was reported that none of the parents are facing any charges after their children were seen on video, standing on the ledge of a window.

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