Unaired ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Clip Shows Lala Kent Saying She Didn’t Want To Go Near James Kennedy’s Penis

Viewers have watched things fizzle out between Lala Kent and James Kennedy on Vanderpump Rules. Yet, what they didn’t watch on the latest episode that aired on Monday night was Lala and James confirming to the camera that things are definitely over between them. In an unaired clip that was posted on BravoTV.com after Monday night’s episode aired, Lala even says that she’s not sexually attracted to James.

In the clip, the two talk about their failed attempt at having a relationship. James says that he just had a conversation with Lala, and they’ve established that they’re done with trying for a romantic/sexual relationship with one another. The camera then shows Lala, who points out that she and James were friends “way before” they started flirting with one another. Back with James, James gripes that Lala doesn’t seem to have respect for him. He admits that he may have done Lala wrong but says that he was just being himself.

“I guess I had slept with a couple of girls and then got on with her the next day but, you know, I don’t really give a s**t cause that’s me!”

The talk then turns to Lala and James’ failed attempt at having sex with one another. Lala confirms that that they did try to have sex one time, and doesn’t think that it’s fair of James to put the blame on her at it not happening. Lala says that while James says that she couldn’t make him have an erection, she has only been with one white guy before and James “had a really bad case of whiskey d**k that night.” For his part, James admits that he was “distracted” that night.

Lala goes on to say that she didn’t want to do anything with James’ penis. Shen then explains what she considers intercourse.

“I mean it just wasn’t for me… I also, like, didn’t feel very compelled to touch it or put my mouth anywhere near it, so I mean it was a failed attempt. I feel like if both parties don’t get off then that’s not f**king each other, you didn’t sleep together. Well at least one person needs to get off in order for it to be considered like intercourse.”

The clip ends with James saying that the whole thing with Lala is just “really weird,” but he likes things “really weird.” He adds that he’s just going to see where things point him and where he ends up.

Yet, as the Inquisitr previously reported, in mid-December 2015, Lala Kent, during her interview with Nik Richie for The Nik Richie Podcast, said that she had James Kennedy did actually have sex, which she called “blackout sex,” with one another once. Perhaps they did the deed after the unaired Vanderpump Rules clip was filmed? Or perhaps they just wanted to keep the incident quiet then?

No matter what happened between Lala and James during the filming of Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules, the two have now moved on to other people. On Monday, Lala posted a photo of a very handsome man and called him her “MCE,” which stands for Man Crush Everyday.

James, meanwhile, is dating Raquel Leviss, a model and beauty pageant contestant. He posted a photo of himself kissing her during a date.

Although Lala Kent doesn’t seem to find James Kennedy attractive, his new girlfriend does. Raquel shared that she and James, whom she called “handsome,” had a late lunch together on Valentine’s Day.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Timberland]