Little Girl Learns Breaking Up Is Hard To Do — ‘I Don’t Want To Break His Heart’ [Viral Video]

A little girl from North Carolina had herself a hefty helping of adulthood last week after she decided she needed to break up with her boyfriend. The mother of 5-year-old Quinn Heffernan filmed the little girl voicing her relationship woes and the video has since exploded on Facebook.

Quinn shows a remarkable maturity, while acknowledging that she isn’t as happy about her relationship as her boyfriend Cian is, but the little girl also demonstrates incredible compassion because she doesn’t want to “break his heart.”

“Cian’s sweet and romantic, but, I think I’m too young to have a boyfriend,” Quinn ponders out loud in her car seat. “But, it’s like, he looks so happy. And… it’s just… I don’t want to break his heart.”

The little girl’s mom, Sloan Heffernan, uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption, “Serious boy troubles for Quinn. #TheStruggleIsReal #GodHelpMe.”

Her mom claims she had the full consent of her little girl to film and upload the video.

“I was driving her home from preschool on Wednesday (hence the ashes on her head) when she started telling me about her ‘boy troubles.’ She is a born actress, so she did not hesitate when I asked if I could record the conversation.”

The video has since amassed thousands of views and hundreds of shares from people who can’t resist the little girl’s sensitive romantic struggle. With complete sincerity, Quinn walks her mother through her thought process, eventually deciding that she has to break up with her boyfriend, even if it runs the risk of crushing him.

“How do you feel about him?” Quinn’s mother asks.

“I feel different,” she responds.

“What are you going to do?”

“I guess I’ll just tell him it’s time to break up.”

Quinn Heffernan

The little girl’s mother assures her that Cian will be okay if she decides to dump him, offering as much genuine relationship advice as she can.

According to the New York Daily News, this kind of serious thought happens in the mind of the little girl every day. While other kids are laughing and playing, Quinn Heffernan is often contemplating life. And she doesn’t appreciate it when others don’t take things as seriously as she does.

“She gets mad if I don’t take her seriously. I am not kidding,” said Sloane Heffernan on Facebook. “She gets so mad if I even crack a smile.”

Little girl

Many of the little girl’s Facebook fans have commended her for her bravery in facing the relationship head on. While many adults opt for less confrontational methods to end a bad relationship, such as the “ghosting” method, Quinn Heffernan accepts responsibility and resolves to tell her boyfriend the truth: she doesn’t feel the same way.

“That is a lot of information for a 5 yr old to process, but she is obviously very intelligent,” said one Facebook commenter.

Other Facebook users have criticized the video, claiming that a little girl Quinn’s age shouldn’t be worrying about boys.

Quinn’s mother spoke to PeopleMagazine about her little girl, acknowledging that she’s very mature for her age. She also revealed that the Facebook video was actually a follow-up to another break-up that the little girl had to go through.

“Quinn is 5 going on 25. She is a precocious little girl who is wise beyond her years. She has this boyfriend who she claims she’s already kissed on the playground. Then another little boy started pursuing her this week and suddenly things got complicated. According to her, she broke up with the first little boy and said ‘I should have told you this a long time ago!’ “

Do you think this little girl is too young to have boyfriends? Or is Quinn Heffernan simply very mature for her age?

[Photo via Facebook]