‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Another Murder To Rock Salem?

Days of Our Lives spoilers to complete the month of February, which is a sweeps month, and very big for ratings, reveal that there could be yet another murder in Salem!

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives viewers may soon see yet another character bite the dust at the end of the month, which will cause some serious trouble in Salem. The report suggests that it may be Ava Vitali who will be murdered this time. Ava, who has been causing trouble for Steve, Kayla, and their son, Joey, for months now may end up leaving Salem in a body bag.

The murder is reportedly set to take place on Friday, February 26, and will shock Salem, a town that has already seen so much death over the past few months. The situation surrounding the murder is not official, but the report suggests that after Ava sends Kayla a video of her intimate night with Steve, a night that she blackmailed out of him in order to save Kayla’s life, Kayla will have a physical altercation with Ava.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Ava in trouble?

Days of Our Lives fans will see Kayla and Ava argue, and after the altercation, Ava will allegedly cry wolf, saying that Kayla tried to kill her. Steve and Kayla will then get a bit worried about Ava’s accusations, believing that Kayla could actually get into legal trouble over the altercation when the real murder occurs.

Since Kayla will already be accused of trying to kill Ava, it seems silly that she would actually be the one to do it because she would likely be the main suspect if Ava were to die. Meanwhile, Steve should be thinking the same way that Kayla would be implicated if something were to happen to Ava. Besides, if Steve wanted to kill Ava, it seems he would have done it already. However, there is one member of the Johnson family that may be pushed over the edge to actually take Ava’s life.

Days of Our Lives fans have seen Steve and Kayla’s son Joey get very emotionally involved with Ava. Joey and Ava worked together to get Steve and Kayla back together when Steve first arrived back in Salem, and Joey even professed his love for Ava in the weeks following. Ava, who flirted and led the teenager on, was only interested in his father, Steve, whom she had an obsession with for years.

When Joey saw his father kissing Ava, the women he loves, he lost it. Now when he finds out that Steve and Ava actually got much more intimate than that, and that Ava forced the situation he may actually lose his cool and end up hurting Ava out of passion and anger. The site claims that if Joey is to blame for Ava’s death that he’ll likely get away with it somehow.

Days of Our Lives Ava and Joey.

“Could Joey kill Ava in a moment of rage? It’s a possibility. We shouldn’t be too concerned for this teen though. Joey isn’t going anywhere and it’s doubtful he’ll be sent to prison for any lengthy period of time. If Joey does the deed, perhaps he’ll get away with it.”

Another Days of Our Lives theory floating around is that Ava may actually fake her own death. She is already faking the fact that she has cancer so a fake death could actually be a part of her sinister plan. What does Ava have up her sleeve, and what will happen if she actually is murdered by a Salem resident? Tune in weekdays to NBC to find out.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Ava being murdered on Days of Our Lives?

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