WWE Rumors: Huge Star May Have Suffered Serious Injury On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Injuries have been a gigantic part of WWE for the past year, and it has taken a number of huge stars and top names off the roster for months. Now, it appears as if another major superstar may miss a good bit of time. Last night on Monday Night Raw, something happened during a match which saw Mark Henry go down to the mat writhing in pain. Big E of The New Day had to finish things quickly to get the segment over.

Last week, Henry teamed with The New Day in an eight-man Tables match, which saw them lose to the team of the Dudley Boyz and The Usos. Just last night, The New Day came out to the ring to voice their distaste for any of the WWE Attitude Era superstars.

Then, they called out Mark Henry for leaving them in the match last week, and he was to face off with Big E. The match was going just fine, but then, as recapped by WWE.com, things got a bit weird right before the ending happened.

“The former World Heavyweight Champion gave Big E an appropriately big fight, even with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods running interference. But a trip to the turnbuckle that brutalized Henry’s ribs proved to be the difference. Even though Henry evaded the Big Ending, he was so spent that the reversal sapped him of his strength and all the WWE Tag Team Champion had to do was cover him for the pin.”

Now, that’s the way it is worded from WWE, but anyone who was watching on Monday night can tell something simply wasn’t right.

mark henry injury raw the new day

A few minutes into the match, Henry charges at Big E and misses, which results in him slamming into the turnbuckles. The hit didn’t seem overly hard, and Henry bounced back and took a few steps before Big E picked him up and put the World’s Strongest Man on his shoulder.

It appeared as if Big E was setting up to deliver The Big Ending, but Mark Henry slid out of it in what was called “a reversal.” Immediately, Henry fell to the mat in obvious pain and grabbed at his ribs. Big E noticed, covered him, and ended the match quickly.

The pain was noticeably obvious on Henry’s face.

big e mark henry serious injury wwe raw

While The New Day celebrated in the ring, the referee checked on Mark Henry closely. It was never seen on camera, so it’s not known if the ref threw up the “X” signal meaning a legit injury had happened, but it didn’t appear to be done.

Nothing more was said about Mark Henry on Monday Night Raw, but some info is coming out today.

According to WrestleZone, Mark Henry did indeed suffer some type of serious and legitimate injury during his match against Big E last night. It does appear to be injury related, but it’s not known exactly when it may have happened.

There was the turnbuckle splash miss, and Big E also delivered a couple big splashes down onto Henry during the match. Having all of his weight on Big E’s shoulder at the end of the match may have put a lot of pressure on his ribs too.

Trainers and referees came out to the mat to check on and treat Mark Henry after the match, but nothing was revealed. Full details of the injury and how serious it is and just how much time he may miss, if any, isn’t known at this time.

Mark Henry has already been close to retirement in the past couple of years, as he’s gotten older and dealt with a number of injuries. If this ends up being a truly serious injury suffered on Monday Night Raw, then it may end up being the completion of his time in the ring.

[Image via WWE]