EA Releases New Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ Footage

The next content expansion for Battlefield 3, dubbed Armored Kill, is only roughly two months away from its September 2012 release date, and now EA is showing a little more of two of the expansion’s four all-new maps.

In case you’ve forgotten, Armored Kill is a vehicle-focused expansion that features the biggest Battlefield map to date, called Bandar Desert. The trailer features some footage of that map, which we saw a glimpse of back at E3, as well as the newly-revealed Alborz Mountain map.

EA says that the Armored Kill expansion, apart from including four new maps, will also add in five new vehicles–such as mobile artillery, new tanks, and ATVs–and over 20 new vehicle unlocks for you to work towards. And, of course, there’s the ability to spawn in the AC-130 gunship. You’ll probably need a bit of luck to get in that, however, as I imagine everyone and their mother will want in.

Lastly, Battlefield 3‘s Armored Kill expansion will add in an all-new multiplayer mode to take advantage of the vehicle-focused maps in the expansion. The mode, called “Tank Superiority”, has players battling it out in tanks in order to seize various control points.

You can check out the all-new footage of Battlefield 3‘s Armored Kill expansion below.