North Carolina Man Gets Struck By Lightening For the Third Time

Bob Edwards was struck by lightening for the third time earlier this week. Edwards was hit by lightening while walking from the Steel Creek Cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina to his car in the parking lot. The Charlotte skies turned dark gray as a summer storm rolled in when Edwards saw a “tremendous purple flash” and felt like he was hit in the chest with a hammer, WSOC-TV reports. Bob Edwards “blacked out” after being hit by a bolt of lightening, but was able to crawl to the door of the Steel Creek Cafe for help once he regained consciousness.

A little girl inside the Steel Creek Cafe saw Bob Edwards crawling to the door and alerted her father, who came outside to offer what help he could until paramedics arrived. After being rushed to a local hospital, checked out and released later the same evening, Edwards considered himself lucky to still be alive. The lightening strike victim is reportedly still feeling the effects of the storm-related incident.

“I still got a heavy ringing in my ears. My eyes won’t focus and there is still a metallic taste in my mouth, Bob Edwards stated, according to interview excerpts republished by the New York Daily News.

In 1997 Edwards was struck by lightening for the first time, on the same roadway where the Monday lightening strike occurred. When hit by lightening more than a decade ago, local first responders had to revive his heart three times. In 2009 Bob Edwards was struck by lightening while in York, South Carolina.

Metal screws in Bob Edwards body may be the cause of the enhanced lightening attraction, but doctors have not yet been able to determine if the screws are definitely turning the man’s body into a lightening rod. Due to being struck by lightening three times. Edwards maintains he now suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

“It’s just an ongoing thing. It’s a day-to-day thing and it’s cost me a bunch of stuff due to the PTSD – jobs, friends and eventually family,” Edwards told WSOC-TV.