Antonin Scalia Murdered? Internet Overflows With Conspiracy Theories

Antonin Scalia Murdered? Internet Awash In Conspiracy Theories.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died last week, leaving the political world in turmoil and the world’s most paranoid people are blaming everyone from the Illuminati to the CIA.

Scalia was found in his bed with a pillow over his head and was pronounced dead over the phone by a justice of the peace who never saw his body and didn’t order an autopsy.

The Justice declined a security detail, so there were no U.S. Marshals or federal agents present at the West Texas ranch when Scalia died, ranch owner John Poindexter told SFGate.

“We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled.”

Although Scalia’s doctor reports the Justice was suffering from several chronic medical condition, the lack of an autopsy has spawned some of the Internet’s craziest conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump got into the Scalia conspiracy theory act during his interview on the Savage Nation, reports Vox.

“They say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow.”

Any conspiracy theory surrounding Scalia’s death has to start with Jack Cashill’s 2006 novel, The Chautauqua Rising, where he predicted the Justice would be killed by carbon dioxide poisoning and no one would believe it.

As the Dallas Observer writes, someone at the Texas ranch could have attacked and killed Scalia in his sleep, either by smothering him with a pillow, poisoning him, or gassing him with carbon dioxide. Any of these attacks would have left the Justice’s body without the telltale signs of a struggle, meaning Cashill could have been right.

Heart Attack Gun

Or the CIA could be responsible for Scalia’s death, as TruNews writes in their article describing a secret “heart attack gun,” which shoots a small poison dart that dissolves on impact leaving behind only one small red dot. The disintegrating dot makes the weapon almost impossible to detect with an autopsy.

The Illuminati Are Responsible

If the CIA didn’t kill Scalia, then the shadow organization that rules the world is definitely behind the attack on the Justice, at least according to saboteur365. They claim power elites have often sent their enemies to die in Texas, just as JFK was publicly killed in 1963.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists at blame Leonard Nimoy for Scalia’s death, writing the actor who played Star Trek’s Spock faked his own death after becoming the new leader of the Illuminati. The article claims Nimoy engineered the Justice’s death as part of the new world order designed by hard-core liberals.

Obama Did It

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones blames Obama for Scalia’s death, saying the president needed the Justice out of the way to advance his liberal agenda.

“Obama is one vote away from being able to ban guns, open the borders and actually have the court engage in its agenda and now Scalia dies. I mean, this is hard core.”

DC Whispers writes President Barack Obama knew about Scalia’s death before it became public knowledge, and was thrilled at the demise of the Supreme Court Justice.

Other theories accuse Dick Cheney, saying the former vice president could have hunted Scalia without his knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Bush family could have been responsible for Scalia’s assassination because the Justice was about to spill inside information on the 9/11 terror attacks, writes the Abreu Report.

On the other side of the aisle, Bill and Hillary Clinton could have ordered Scalia’s death to keep the Justice from making any possible future ruling on Hillary’s ongoing email scandal, writes saboteur365.

“You just know that Scalia would have voted to fry her sorry butt.”

So far, no official has made any comments about foul play, but the most paranoid people in the world will probably continue to fan the flames of doubt with their conspiracy theories.

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