Teen Girl Impaled By Piece Of Wooden Floor During High School Basketball Game [Video]

It's had to think about all the serious injuries that can happen on the basketball court, but no one ever believes that impalement is one of them. A 14-year-old girl was playing in a high school basketball game in Wisconsin when a freak accident caused her to get partially impaled by a splintered floorboard from the court and pinned her to the ground.

As WSMV reported, Perry Hibner is the organizer of the high school basketball tournament that took place in the Middleton-Cross Plains School District. He has no idea how this could have possibly happened.

"I mean... there's no rhyme or reason to this one."

The 14-year-old female basketball player, whose name was not released, is recovering after the weird happening that left the entire gymnasium confused on Sunday afternoon.

During the game, the girl went flying to the floor and skidded for a few feet before just coming to an abrupt and immediate stop. Instantly, players gathered around her and began checking on her, and they were quickly followed by coaches and the referees.

teenage girl impaled basketball court floor high school 2
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The player from Wisconsin Heights was surrounded by a number of people, including her mother, who is also the coach of the team. Hibner said that the floor, which is only about 15-years-old, just splintered in that portion of the court.

"And the official said, 'What do you mean? Are you hurt?' And she's like, 'There's a piece of wood stuck to me.'"

It's a sight that hardly anyone has ever seen, and no one quite knew what to make of it. After being told to stay still and not try to get up, emergency personnel came onto the court with a stretcher as others attempted to get the rest of the bystanders back into the stands.

There was already enough confusion as it was, and no one wanted to risk further injury to the young girl who had been impaled by the basketball court floor.

As Channel 3000 News stated, there were 34 teams present in the tournament, and all of them were middle school-aged girls. There were many other games to be played on Sunday, and none continued or were played on that court.

The other games were played on alternate courts, and at first, the area of the splintering was just roped off.

teenage girl impaled basketball court floor high school
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Hibner was kind of surprised that there was no blood from the impalement, but again, it wasn't overly long. Some pieces of the floor though did measure up to three and four inches long. The impalement ended up being around a quarter to a half-an-inch deep.

Exploratory surgery was done, according to Hibner, so doctors could make sure there were no internal perforations. Luckily, there were not.

"Kind of like a strike of lightning where you just don't think those things are going to happen. It was a complete fluke."

A replacement sliver of wood was glued in place with a full replacement expected sometime this upcoming week. Activities have resumed on the floor, but nowhere near where the accident happened on Sunday.

As of this time, it is not expected that any kind of legal action will be brought against the school district by anyone. Hibner has been in contact with the parents of the female basketball player as she continues her recovery.

Believe it or not, she actually hopes to be back on a basketball court and playing again this week.

Playing basketball in high school is something that a lot of teenagers, both male and female, take part in, and injuries are all a part of the game. It's hard to imagine, though, that a girl will be playing a game and end up impaled by the basketball court floor, but the good thing is that her injuries were not too serious.

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