Bulgarian Suicide Bomber Suspect Caught On Tape [Video]

Bulgarian authorities apparently believe that the suicide bomber who killed seven persons in Bulgaria along with himself yesterday is the man in this surveillance video. According to the Bulgarian Interior Ministry, the suspect was carrying a bogus Michigan driver’s license pictured above, and the ministry is attempting to identify him through DNA testing.

Israel maintains Iran-backed Hezbollah is responsible for the terror attack on Israeli tourists in Borgas, Bulgaria.

London’s Daily Mail explains:

Casually dressed in Bermuda shorts, a t-shirt and cap he looks like a typical air passenger. But Bulgarian police believe inside his large black backpack was a powerful explosive device.

The bomber was carrying a fake US drivers licence and Israel have now accused Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants of being behind the attack at Burgas airport on the country’s Black Sea coast.

About 150 Israelis had just arrived on a charter flight when the attack happened on a double-decker bus. The Daily Mail describes the scene: “Body parts were strewn across the ground, mangled metal hung from the bus’s ripped roof and black smoke billowed over the airport.”

According to USA Today:

The attack occurred shortly after the Israelis boarded a bus outside the airport in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas, a popular destination for Israeli tourists — particularly for high school graduates before they are drafted into military service — about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of the capital, Sofia.

Younger Israelis traditionally take an extended vacation before or after they are called into mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force.

Israel has already flown home about 33 injured vacationers, and Bulgaria will transport about 100 unharmed tourists who “want to cut short their vacation” back to Israel.

Watch the video of the alleged suicide bomber: