Terrell Owens Shows Up In Court, Makes Arrangements To Pay Child Support

Terrell Owens missed his last child support court date but after a judge threatened to throw him in jail Owens showed up this morning in an Atlanta, Georgia courtroom.

Owens is facing charges for not paying nearly $20,000 in child support payments to one of his baby mamas. Owens for his part claims he can’t afford the large child support payments because he is no longer earning an income from the NFL.

Owens has been in a constant fight over child support, claiming that the amount owed should be reduced and based on his current income which is almost nothing compared to his former NFL salary.

Heading into court with T.O. this week was a new lawyer who was recently hired to help out the former NFL star. In a statement regarding the child support Terrell Owens’ new lawyer wrote:

“Mr. Owens is making the necessary arrangements to pay child support due to Ms. Smith in the Georgia case.”

Terrell’s lawyer then goes on to note:

“He regrets that he is no longer able to pay child support based upon his previous NFL income. He hopes to be signed to an NFL team in the future. Mr. Owens has always made his child support payments his top priority.”

T.O. in the meantime couldn’t even manage to stay with an Arena Football League for more than a few games, putting his chances at an NFL comeback in the highly unlikely column.

Do you think T.O.’s child support payments should be reduced given his lack of high paying employment?