Snooki And Newt Gingrich Become Fast Friends On Jay Leno’s Couch

Snooki and Newt Gingrich may not be “Besties” but the pair sure did appear to become fast friends while appearing on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” this week. The “Jersey Shore” reality show performer and former Republican presidential candidate discussed their shared passion for writing New York Times bestsellers and posed for photos together. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi also discussed her pregnancy and new reality show while making the media rounds on the “Tonight Show” and other daytime talk shows this week.

The unlikely pair “exchanged pleasantries” and laughed frequently while on the “Tonight Show” set, according to the New York Daily News. When Gingrich congratulated Snooki on her New York Times bestselling book and told her he caught some of her book promotion interviews, a pregnant Snooki smiled and told the GOP politician she was trying to be like him – which garnered a lot of laughter from Jay Leno’s audience.

Snooki’s bestseller “A Shore Thing” was released in 2011. The “Jersey Shore” star also recently wrote, “Gorilla Beach” and “Confessions of a Guidette.” The 24-year-old celebrity posed for photos with Gingrich, 69, and his wife Callista backstage at the end of their time on the “Tonight Show” couch. Gingrich has written 11 New York Times bestselling books.

Snooki also discussed her new reality show, “Snooki JWoww” with Leno and Gingrich. Snooki’s baby boy is due to arrive in less than two months. During a separate television talk show appearance yesterday Snooki admitted to having “pregnancy-prompted stress nightmares,” according to Access Hollywood.


“I had a dream that my son came out and he was a gorgeous little baby, then he turned 2 and he turned into a Chucky doll and he was trying to kill me. I was like, throwing him off the bed and he was like, ‘Mommy’ why did you throw me off the bed and try to kill me,” Snooki stated during an Access Hollywood Live interview.

The “Snooki JWoww” star also stated during the interview that she does want to have a natural birth but that she is very scared about labor and becoming a parent. Snooki laughingly noted that she does not think Jionni “wants to look” during labor because if he does he may never want to “touch” her again.