Jenelle Evans Says She’s Only Done ‘Three Drugs’ In Her Entire Life

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans made some mistakes in the past. She’s dated the wrong people, she’s been influenced by drug users, and she even stole her mother’s credit card once. It is no secret that Jenelle wasn’t an accountable person for years, which could be why her mother is hesitant signing over custody of little Jace to her. But Jenelle wants everyone to know that the stories in the press about her aren’t necessarily true. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she has done drugs — but she’s only done three of them.

While she doesn’t explain what drugs she’s done, she says the tabloids tend to blow it all up. Jenelle decided to answer some questions on social media this weekend, and her fans were curious about her mental state these days. While Evans hasn’t done anything crazy to make people question her mental health, she has been through a lot and people just wanted a general update.

“Are you in counseling and taking care of ur bipolar disorder? Serious question, no disrespect,” one person questioned Jenelle, who quickly replied with, “I do not have bi-polar disorder.”

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Of course, some people are confused, because Evans had previously revealed that she had been diagnosed with this disorder when she was in rehab for drugs. “But weren’t you diagnosed with it during rehab? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t just go away, dude…,” another follower questioned her, to which Jenelle replied, “They misdiagnosed me. I have general anxiety disorder, PTSD, and panic attacks… Along with other issues.”

Even though Jenelle Evans revealed that she had been misdiagnosed, some of her followers were determined to know more about this misdiagnosis. And one person was convinced that Jenelle had been diagnosed as bipolar.

“Maybe it’s panic disorder with all the drugs she’s done. But there was an episode about her being diagnosed with bipolar,” the follower wrote, to which Jenelle replied, “No def not. I’m sick of hearing about ‘tons of drugs’ I’ve done. You have no idea what I’m currently going through. I can name the three drugs I’ve done my entire life… It’s not everything in the book like everyone thinks.”

After revealing that she had done three kinds of drugs in her life, Jenelle Evans wrote that she would remain strong even though people would try to bring her down. Rather than focus on the past and name the drugs she has done, she decided to focus on her life with her two children, her relationship with David Eason and her career. Evans claims she hasn’t done drugs in years.

According to OK! Magazine, Jenelle Evans had made headlines last year over some meth accusations. Apparently, people thought that she may have been doing meth, as one of her many mugshots revealed scabs on her face, which is a common side-effect of doing meth.

“I know a lot of people have been saying I’m on drugs, but I am definitely not,” Jenelle told RumorFix back then, according to OK Magazine, adding, “Because I have acne [in the photo], everyone’s like ‘she’s on meth!’ “

In other words, Jenelle hasn’t done meth. And while she hasn’t admitted to doing heroin, she was in rehab for a while to get clean, and many suspected that she was struggling with the drug. Plus, she was married to Courtland Rogers for a brief moment in time, a guy who was clearly struggling with drugs and struggling to stay clean. Many suspect that she divorced him after he got arrested with drugs on him, just weeks after she got clean herself.

What three drugs do you think Jenelle Evans is talking about in her Twitter post?

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