'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers — Will Damien Dhark Kill Oliver's Son, William? Plus The Most Likely Candidates Dead In The Flash-Forward

In a Game of Thrones sort of way, when it comes to Arrow, it's basically safe to say that nobody besides Oliver Queen is safe from death, not even his son, William. But will it be William that's lowered to the ground in the flash-forward, or someone else? And if not him, then who else could meet their fate by the end of Season 4?

During last week's episode, viewers witnessed the huge fallout between Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver Queen. The two have always been enemies, but at times have put aside their differences in order to solve bigger issues. However, after the latest episode, the strained relationship between the two has finally gone past the point of no return.

After the Green Arrow helped Nyssa end Malcolm's reign as Ra's al Gul—an act that ended with Malcolm no longer having one of his hands—he swore vengeance against Oliver and said, "death would be a mercy compared to the debt I now owe you."

And now that Malcolm has spilled the beans to Damien Darhk that Oliver has a son, to some, that could mean it's Oliver's son, William, who Damien will target, states Bustle.

Fans will probably have to wait until the last few episodes of season 4 to find out who is dead. [Image via The CW]
Fans will probably have to wait until the last few episodes of Season 4 to find out who is dead. [Image via The CW]Of course, Damien might not kill William, and could use him as leverage in more ways than one, and given his desire to bring Oliver down, William will be used to some capacity, but that doesn't necessarily mean death for the child.

Bustle reminds fans that Oliver has yet to tell Felicity about his son, so perhaps Damien lets her in on the secret, which could explain why Felicity is seen waiting in the car during the flash-forward scene without her engagement ring on her finger.

But if William is perhaps not the one who is going to die, then who's in the grave?

According to Buddy TV, the next best candidate is Donna Smoak, Felicity's mother, whose frequency in the show has increased more and more in Season 4. It seems like the more she appears in the show, the greater the connection with viewers, which could mean she will be the one who dies.

Could Felicity Smoak's mother Donna be the one to meet her end? [Image via The CW]
Could Felicity Smoak's mother, Donna, be the one to meet her end? [Image via The CW]While it's unlikely that Damien or Malcolm would target Felicity's mother, there's another villain who was shown in "Sins of the Father" who could be the culprit.

Buddy TV speculates that Noah, Felicity's father, who is currently in prison, could escape from behind bars thanks to Damien, who would enlist Noah in his evil plans.

But The Flash is also at the cemetery during the Arrow flash-forward, which means that whoever is in the box was important to both Oliver and Barry, reports Hollywood Reporter.

Another character whose life could come to end is Laurel's. But would the show kill off another Canary? It seems unlikely, and it's doubted that Laurel's death would put such a divide between Oliver and Felicity.

What about Diggle? He is best friends with Oliver and Felicity, who also happens to be the glue that holds Team Arrow together in its darkest times. And his death would certainly deal heavy emotional blows to everyone, including Felicity and Oliver. But Hollywood Reporter states that since Diggle's future isn't laid out in the DC comics, his death wouldn't hold significant value for future plot lines.

The death of John Diggle could mean the end of Team Arrow. [Image via The CW]
The death of John Diggle could mean the end of Team Arrow. [Image via The CW]And Thea? Well, the bloodthirsty daughter of Ra's al Ghul won't die without a fight, especially if her father has anything to do with it, not to mention the Oliver happens to be her big brother. Getting past both of them would be extremely difficult, even if Thea remains in her comatose state.

So fans, who do you think is going to be put into the box at the end of the season? Will it be William, Oliver's secret son, or will it be somebody else? Tell us what you think in the comments.

The next all new episode of Arrow airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW. Check out a preview below.

[Image via The CW]