Mysterious Road Tunnel Makes Time Travel Possible According To The Hundreds Of Motorists Who’ve Experienced It Firsthand

Road Tunnel Makes Time Travel Possible?

A mysterious road tunnel has made time travel possible, or so hundreds of motorists who have fallen foul of its bizarre time-bending laws claim.

In our modern utopia, driving is rarely a pleasant experience, and on a highway to hell or road to nowhere, it is all too easy to lose track of time as the monotonous sound of rubber on tarmac, the soft hypnotic roar of the engine, and the mind-numbing brutality of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on the airwaves lulls even the most alert and guarded soul into an unthinking haze where all sense of time, space, and self is rendered obsolete.

In other words, it’s all too easy to lose track of time when you’re behind the wheel, but very rarely do you travel through it. Well, at least not in the H.G. Wells sense.

Yet, there’s a tunnel in Guizhou Province, China, which is currently under investigation because hundreds of motorists have claimed they have gone back in time after exiting the bizarre 400-metre structure.

The Express reports that many motorists who have disappeared into the “time tunnel” for an average five minute journey have come out the other side claiming to have gained an hour. How do they know this? Because on all occasions, their mobile phones had gone back exactly 60 minutes.

So widespread and prevalent was this phenomena, expert help was needed to carry out an investigation.

Time Travel Tunnel
Expert help didn’t appear to be available, but a journalist from the Gui Yang Evening News was, and the helpful hack turned up to carry out an experiment.

The enquiring newshound drove through the tunnel, not once, not twice, but in the spirit of fair and accurate reporting, a staggering ten times. And on eight of the trips, Yang reported gaining an hour. Spooky!

As the internet tends to do when confronted with such bizarre happenings and no apparent explanation, it gets completely carried away and reacts with even more bizarre theories. And in such instances, it’s never too long before someone mentions alien abduction.

One person posted on “Clearly the drivers have missing time, and were probed by aliens.”

Another deep thinker mused, “Maybe the reason why China has so many of the worlds longest living people is not so much because they’re old, but because they spend so long stuck in traffic driving through magic time travel space tunnels.”

After much analyzing and theorizing, one internet sage concluded, “This sounds wacky, must be a time tunnel, for sure.”

Yet, here’s where this time travel business gets twisted. Not long after leaving the tunnel those who experienced gaining an hour, they lost it again as they drove further away from the tunnel. Whoops!

As it so happens, there’s a rather mundane explanation to all this time travel nonsense after all.

Be warned, if you love the unquestioned majesty and might of an unreconstructed conspiracy theory you might just want to run and bury your head in the sand round’ about now.

A phone transmitter on one side of the tunnel was found to be sending out an incorrect signal, which put the clock on everyone’s mobile back by an hour. A phone transmitter further up the road would then zap the correct signal and the hour would be restored in a timely fashion.

Tick tock!

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