Chris Soules Fully Invested In Ben Higgins: ‘I’m Falling In Love With You!’

Chris Soules may not have found everlasting love on his season of The Bachelor, but he is following along as Ben Higgins is searching for his wife. Ben filmed his season of The Bachelor this past fall, and his journey is now playing out on ABC every Monday night. And many former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are following along, especially Chris. He was weirded out by the fact that Becca Tilley — his ex — decided to pursue Ben, but now that she’s gone home, he’s more than invested in Ben’s journey. According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now revealing that he has plenty of respect for Higgins.

“Getting closer to the end. So much respect for you Ben Higgins. I know you’ll make the right decision I’m there for you in spirit,” Chris Soules revealed on social media last night as this week’s episode aired on ABC. He later added, “I’m falling in love with you!” in a tweet that was directed at Ben Higgins.

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Despite Soules’ dedication to his friend Ben, some of Chris’ followers didn’t exactly agree with the way they both treated Becca. Of course, Chris almost proposed to Becca, but she was quick to tell him during the proposal ceremony that she simply wasn’t ready to get married. Many felt that Chris really wanted to get married to her, but she shut him down before he could propose. Instead, he got proposed to Whitney Bischoff, who was more than willing to make it work on the farm. And when Ben sent Tilley home, fans reacted — in Becca’s favor.

“I think it should be Ben & Becca because faith is important to both of them. The others haven’t expressed their faith,” one person wrote in defense of Becca, clearly slamming both Ben and Chris. “Becca is the girl you bring home to Mom… they both screwed up!” a second person revealed, to which the original person wrote, “I really hope she’s the next bachelorette. She deserves it. These men are fools.”

Of course, Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor was controversial for some women, as some women didn’t see themselves on the farm in Iowa. Chris really wanted to find a woman who could see herself in Arlington, Iowa, but many of the women had to bow out when they discovered how remote the farm truly was. While Soules tried to up-sell weekends in Des Moines, some ladies simply left him behind. But this hasn’t scared Chris.

“I’m hopeful for love,” Chris Soules revealed to People magazine recently, adding, “But when you go through a breakup, you get stung a little bit and you pull back. There are times I wonder if I’m meant to be single. But I’m hopeful I can eventually find that person.”

Of course, many eligible women are throwing themselves at him on social media. Some ladies have asked him repeatedly for dates. While many viewers felt that he and Whitney made the perfect couple, she has moved on. And for Soules, he has closed that chapter of his life.

“I’m taking a break. I’m focusing on me, putting my head down and working really hard. I’ve been sort of neglecting things that are really important to me,” Soules reveals about his current love life, adding about Whitney, “A lot of people asked about us getting back together. She’s a great girl and I hope the best for her, but for me, that chapter in my life is closed. I think it’s best for me to move on, have a fresh start and find love a different way. I’d like to date someone who doesn’t know who I am!”

What do you think of Chris Soules’ dedication to Ben Higgins these days?

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