Rory And Joey Feek Lose Grammy But Rejoice In ‘Lifetime Of Love’: Plan Daughter’s 2nd Birthday Amid Cancer

Rory and Joey Feek have learned that every day together is special since receiving her heartbreaking diagnosis of terminal cancer. The couple has sought to stay courageous and strong even as Joey’s health fails. Her husband, Rory Feek, who also is her partner in the country music duo Joey + Rory, has faithfully documented her journey and his love on his blog and on social media. And in a testimony to how much their devotion to each other triumphs over everything else, when they were nominated for a Grammy, Feek refused to go, preferring the simple joy of watching the ceremony with his wife, who remains confined in her hospice bed in the final stage of cancer, reported CBS News.

Rory and Joey Feek share their love amid heartbreak.

Rory also shared their happiness in having a chance to share what is expected to be their final Valentine’s Day, and the pleasure of being together on a special occasion extended into their little Grammy viewing party.

Both celebrations revealed how Rory and Joey have succeeded in keeping up their courage and faith despite the increasingly frail health of the once-strong country singer.

Joey and Rory Feek share what may be their last Valentine's Day together.

Joey and Feek learned that they had been nominated for “If I Needed You” in the Grammy Best Country Duo/Group Performance category only months following the tragic revelation that Joey has terminal cancer. After stopping treatment, she entered hospice care to live her final days at home.

Initially diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, Joey and Feek have a daughter together, Indiana. The little girl, who celebrates her second birthday this week, was born with Down syndrome. Among her goals for the limited time that she has left, Joey had wanted to watch the Grammy ceremony and celebrate her daughter’s birthday. And now the 40-year-old has cherished the first event with Rory.

Although Joey attempted to persuade Feek to fly to Los Angeles for the ceremony without her, Rory declined.

Joey Martin Feek of Joey + Rory has shown her courage since her diagnosis of terminal cancer.

“Joey tried to talk me into going… She even had a Southwest ticket purchased for me that I cancelled. I can’t leave her. I won’t,” Feek wrote on his blog. “I will be sitting beside her and cheering on Little Big Town, and Blake Shelton and Charles and all the talented folks who are nominated in our category and others. It’s an honor for us to just be a part of that night, it truly is.”

The winner was Little Big Town in the Country Duo/Group category, reported the Daily Mail. But with Feek’s daughters from a former marriage, Hopie and Heidi, along with the duo’s manager Aaron Carnahan attending in their place, Joey and Rory enjoyed the ceremony together with Indiana.

Adding to the excitement for Joey and Rory, they just released what may be Joey + Rory’s last album, Hymns That Are Important to Us. A concert special created last year also will be coming soon.

Among those rooting for the Feek duo to win the Grammy was Blake Shelton, reported ET.

“The courage that they as a family have displayed — it’s inspirational. It’s sad, but it’s special at the same time,” said Blake.

Shelton also tweeted his support.

One more big event awaits Joey and Feek this week, and that’s the birthday of Indiana. The little girl even got all decked out for Grammy viewing, revealed Rory on Facebook.

Little Indiana enjoyed getting ready for a Grammy viewing party with her parents Joey and Rory Feek.

“Indy getting her hair done by her Aunts for Grammy watching w her mama and papa tonight (if it’s not past her bedtime),” wrote Feek.

Fans can send their prayers and messages to Joey and Rory by signing a virtual card, as the Inquisitr reported. Those who use #CardForJoeyRory on social media will have their message shared. The couple is grateful for the outpouring of hope that they’ve received.

But heartbreak amid the hope has become part of life for Joey and Feek, reported People.

“Feeling broken-hearted and blessed all at the same time this morning… watching my beautiful bride pour a lifetime of love into a few minutes a day,” Rory reflected in one social media post.

Feek also shared in a blog the plan that he’s concocted for Indiana’s birthday, a day that Joey had longed to survive long enough to celebrate. Admitting just how frail his wife has become, Rory is seeking to balance the excitement of the celebration with the care that Joey now needs.

“Our plan is to put streamers up around Joey’s bed and move Indiana’s high-chair in beside her, so Joey can be part of it. So she can watch our little-one eat her cupcake and rip the wrapping paper off her gifts. But Joey is very fragile right now, and so with all of these plans we have, we will need to adjust for what my wife needs.”

[Image via Instagram/Rory And Joey]