Norman Reedus, Of The Walking Dead, Says New Episodes Made The Film Crew Cry

Norman Reedus, Daryl on Walking Dead, can't tell anyone exactly what happens in the new episodes, but he can let us know it is going to be intense. In his recent interview with Men's Fitness, "Daryl" revealed a few hints about the last half of Season 6.

"I can't tell you, but the second half of the season is so hardcore. It's sort of like the first half was the pulling back of an arrow with a bow, and the arrow has gained momentum. The second half is the really emotionally draining release. We've had so many scenes where our crew was crying because they were feeling so emotional and heavy."
Norman Reedus, Walking Dead Zombie fighting champion, is everyone's top pick to spend a zombie apocalypse with. Anyone who watches the show regularly knows nobody fights off zombies better or protects his companions as well as Reedus' character, Daryl Dixon. Forget about other Walking Dead characters, Brad Pitt, or anyone from The Night of the Living Dead trilogy, Darrel is a first class zombie killing machine who will always watch his friends' backs. Even in a zombie apocalypse, anyone who stays close by Norman Reddus is completely safe, no matter what happens.

Reedus Motorcycle
"The Walking Dead" Season 6 Fan Premiere Event (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus tells us that Daryl's character is about to get really angry, and he may not be as safe to be around in coming episodes. Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow have been stolen, and his property now belongs to Negan. Daryl is about to take out his hostilities at all costs. He's coming back with a vengeance, and becoming more like his old self, or even like his brother, Merle.

"He takes it really personally. These are people that he's trying to protect. And he's trying to protect himself. I feel like there's a lot of vengeance happening in the second half, and a lot of payback on Daryl's mind. He's headstrong now, and he's kind of turning into the same sort of aggressive person he was in the first part of the show, going back to his roots. I think he would definitely be making Merle proud right now."
Norman Reedus 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Fan Premiere Event [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AMC]Norman Reedus has made Daryl of Walking Dead his own unique character. It is almost unimaginable that Daryl could have been played by another actor. Yet, Reedus became an actor very much by chance on the suggestion of a stranger who witnessed Norman Reedus, in a Daryl reminiscent moment. He'd been drinking, and yelling at passers by, when a random stranger stopped and told him he should try acting, and so he did. Later at an interview, someone wanted him to be more attractive.
"I remember in one of my earliest auditions, the casting director goes, 'Can you do that a little more good-looking next time? Like the blond guy on Lost...' "
Norman Reedus is great in Walking Dead, simply because he doesn't think of himself as attractive, and he's not at all fussy about his appearance. Daryl is a real man, who bow hunts, rides a motorcycle and knows how to live like an outdoors-man. Rugged is a real understatement with Daryl, and that is his greatest appeal.
Norman Reedus has formed the Walking Dead character, Daryl, in his own image. Without Daryl, Walking Dead would really make very little sense, because without someone like Daryl, it would seem less than credible the rest would have survived as long as they have. Though the others have vital roles to fill as well, Norman's character, Daryl, is uniquely qualified to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Norman Reedus makes The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon totally believable as a capable protector, with the capacity to be as volatile as he is protective.

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