Campaign Trying To Distance Itself From Bill Clinton's Convicted Pedophile Friend

Considering Hillary Clinton's current run for the White House, she and her husband, Bill Clinton, continue to keep some questionable company. The time to distance yourself from criminals and creeps is before you announce your candidacy, if not from the time you figure out they are criminals and creeps. This calls into question Bill Clinton's friend and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who is freshly out of jail for deviant crimes he copped to. Now, the registered sex offender has allegedly filed paperwork to get his porn collection back from the Feds.

And odd alliances are not just on the Bill Clinton side of the table. According to the Inquisitr, Hillary Clinton's right hand woman, Huma Abedin, and her husband, Anthony Weiner, best known for "Weinergate," just celebrated the release of the documentary film, Weiner, and it's showing at the Sundance Film Festival. The less-than-flattering documentary about Weiner's failed run for mayor also highlights his fall from grace as "Carlos Danger," the naked selfie-taking man cheating on his wife while in political office. The timing of the release of the documentary, which makes all involved look silly (at best), is questionable.

Being a cheating husband with crotch pics on Twitter is not a crime, but pedophilia is. Radar Online is reporting that it might be harder than aids thought to disentangle Bill Clinton from convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The prosecutor who worked out the sweet deal that Epstein got after being found guilty of a variety of sex crimes is a donor to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The dots are easily connected, and unraveling this relationship is proving harder than expected.

Prosecutor Matt Menchel, now in private practice, is doing his best to avoid being deposed to find out the behind the scenes deals in the Epstein case.

"Petitioners' motion to depose government witnesses should be denied. They have no right to conduct such depositions, and they have already engaged in extensive and more-than sufficient discovery through the use of requests for production and requests for admissions."
The intertwining of the Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein leads back to trips Clinton took on Epstein's private jet.
Breitbart says that Bill Clinton's FBI head is working overtime to prove that Clinton was in no way involved in Epstein's underage orgies. The conversation is now back in the news because two of Epstein's victims are suing Epstein's criminal lawyer for defamation. In the investigation, it has become clear that Bill Clinton spent time on Epstein's private island, but Clinton representatives are working overtime to prove that Clinton was never there during the orgies with underage girls.

"Well, we have made a Freedom of Information request," Dershowitz testified. "My — my attorney in New York, Louis Freeh, the former head of the FBI, has made a FOIA request for all information that would conclusively prove that Bill Clinton was never on Jeffrey Epstein's island, yes."

But Dershowitz doesn't seem to be interested in going down with Bill Clinton.

"And there is the possibility, which I don't personally believe to be true, that he was on the island," Dershowitz testified. "There was the possibility, which I don't believe to be true, that he was on the island when orgies were taking place. There was the possibility that he was on the island and observed an orgy, and there was the possibility that he was on the island and participated in an orgy."

So, this makes it even more tawdry that freshly-out-of-prison Jeffrey Epstein won't play along and lay low, according to Radar Online. Now that he is a free man, Epstein wants his porn, seized in the investigation, returned to him. It seems the Feds seized his extensive collection, and he filed to get it back, even before his release.
"No legal justification exists for the continued impoundment of Jeffrey Epstein's personal property. The Defendant is entitled to the return of all the personal property listed."
The collection includes photographs as well as films. The new suit swirling around Epstein, and by association, Clinton, is based on a suit filed against Dershowitz and the Federal Government by the victims who say they were not told about Epstein's sweetheart deal, and question the strings pulled to get it.
The Daily Mail is reporting that Epstein has not learned much from his time behind bars, as he is back to keeping company with young women at his New York mansion. Most of the women seem to be of legal age. A photographer from the Daily Mail has been taking photos and notes of the comings and goings from the Epstein home since his release.
"A steady stream of gorgeous women were spotted coming and going from the convicted sex offender's palatial home on the Upper East Side at the weekend, with The Daily Mail Online obtaining exclusive images showing the bevy of beauties.

"The elusive 62-year-old appeared healthy and relaxed when he emerged from the home on Friday, dressed down in a red hoodie and sweat pants, making a move for a waiting black SUV."

The investigation into the Jeffrey Epstein deal is ongoing.

Do you think that Epstein got the deal based on his Clinton affiliation?

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